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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Showing his wife his feminity

A husband comes out to his wife
TG captions, crossdressing for his wifeWhen Greg first told his wife Jill about his crossdressing he wasn't sure how she would take it. To his surprise she didn't get angry at all but rather demanded that he show her just what he looked like when he dressed before she made a decision.
At first Greg suggested putting on a dress but Jill had other ideas.
"You always said you liked seeing me in sexy underwear, so let's see you in some," she said. "You can wear those danties you bought me for my birthday"...
Greg spent the whole evening getting ready. He shaved and smoothed his skin, and then found the lingerie set which was a black lacy high-leg thong with matching bra. By now Greg was getting into his femme mood and he applied make-up and even some of Jill's jewelry.
He pulled on the panties and fastened the bra over some breast fillers . As he put on a pair of his wife's heeled shoes he wondered what would be her reaction when she saw him.
"Well, let's be having you," Jill called from the hall outside the bedroom.
Greg considered putting on his wife's chemise but instead he just decided to brave and it and sheepishly stepped into the doorway.
"Oh my, just look at you," said Jill with a mixture of laughter and surprise on her face. She never thought her transgendered husband would look that good. She eyed him up and down. "Not bad at all, but you should really be wearing stockings with that lingerie set."
TG captions, crossdressing for his wifeRelieved at her reaction, Greg hurried back into the bedroom and quickly rolled some black sheer stockings up his legs and returned to his wife.
"Do a twirl, I want to see you," she said. "What a sexy babe you are. And that thong looks like it fits you just fine. I think we'll keep you dressed like this all the time now..."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A lazy husband is maid to do his chores

Feminized Barry soon became the ideal househelp under Margaret's care
Margaret was fed up with her husband Barry letting her do all the housework so she took a course in hypnosis. Little by little she set to work on bringing her lazy husband under her control...
Now he was a perfectly efficient housekeeper, so good that she even bought him a costume to wear as he did the chores.
The arrangement suited Margaret well and she continued to feminize Barry until he was fully transgendered into a willing maid. Her friends were so impressed with the results they asked her to come over and fix their husbands too...

Feminized into a bunny girl

A girl transgenders her boyfriend to prove her skills
TG captions, Feminized into a bunnygirlWhen Sally boasted that she could hypnotize her boyfriend Bob he just laughed and said it was only weak people who could be hypnotized. Later that evening as they had dinner she stroked his arm and looked into his eyes, and before he knew it he was under her spell...
She ordered him to shower and shave his body then dug up her old college Halloween costume. Bob obediently put on the costume and with the addition of a wig and some make-up he was transformed into cute sexy bunny girl. With a few more words of encouragement he was talking like a girl and swinging his hips with every step. She even trained him to give a dainty hop at her commend. Sally was having too much fun so she decided to invite some of her friends over to enjoy the show too...

Crossdressed for a prize

A boyfriend helps his girlfriend win a contest
Crossdressing for a prize"Are you sure this is really necessary?", Derek asked as he pulled on the miniskirt. The satin skirt didn't even come down far enough to cover the top of his stockings.
"Yes, you look adorable, now stop making such a fuss," Shelby replied. "I intend to win this costume party first prize."
When Shelby had come home and told Derek that there was a costume party at work and first prize was a weekend away he was all for supporting her in winning. It was only after he had committed himself to her cause and suggested she go as a tart that Shelby told him of her plan to win the contest by dressing him instead...
When Derek tried to offer alternative costume ideas Shelby wouldn't back down.
"If it was good enough for me, it'll be good enough for you," she said. "Besides, a crossdressed boy is always good for a bit of fun."
Now he was fully made-up and dressed a sexy street walker.
"Do you know, I quite like you like that," giggled Shelby as she took another picture of him. "You should do it more often..."

Friday, February 20, 2009

Hotel Girlifornia

Alan thought the name 'Girlifornia' sound a little odd but what was the worst that could happen?
TG captions, transformed into gorgeous blonde at the motelIt had been a long day of driving for Alan and he was glad to see the motel as it came into view. When he entered the lobby he was delighted to find that the only other guests were all gorgeous young women. The desk clerk was green-eyed beauty named Dawn who kept calling him Alice. When he corrected her she just said "We'll see" but he was too busy eyeing up the other guests to make a fuss. This was going to be a night to remember he mused to himself as headed for his room enjoying the smirks he received from every girl he met along the way.
The motel itself was decorated like an old enchanted castle and the room looked more like a princess's boudoir than a motel room. After showering he slipped into bed and quickly fell fast asleep.
A few hours later he awoke with a start. His body ached and he felt strange all over. He sat up and his chest felt heavy. Alan gasped as he looked down and discovered that his formerly flat chest now had two perfect breasts growing out of it. He leapt out of bed and ran to the mirror. To his surprise he found that although he had been wearing shorts when he went to sleep he now had on a sexy black lace camisole and thong panty. He was too scared to actually look down the front of the panty but the emptiness he felt there told him all he needed to know.
Alan staggered back and headed for the door with the intention of going to the lobby. He found a pair of black high heels shoes waiting for him and the door and instinctively slipped them on before he stepped out into the corrider. All was quiet but with each step he took he began to feel more at one with his new body. Alan paused in mid-step and reconsidered his options. As he stood there Dawn came along the corridor.
"Hello Alice, she said with a smirk. "I was just coming to check on you. I see you are settling in just fine."
"What happened to me?" asked Alan and his voice was bubbly and sexy.
"You've become one of our permanent guests," Dawn explained. "You can check out anytime you like, but that new body of yours can never leave".
It didn't take Alan long to decide. A few hours ago he was a plain, unattractive traveling salesman. Now he was stunning young blonde with her whole life ahead of her...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hypnotized into feminity

Jen's little joke when she hypnotized Darren didn't work as planned
TG caption, hypnotized into a little girlWhen Darren complained of insomnia his girlfriend Jen offered to hypnotize him to try and cure the problem.
Once she had caused him to fall asleep she took him back through his years until he was just a little boy. Then she decided to have some fun for a bit as well and told him that he was really a girl called Daliah.

However, once she woke Darren up she found she couldn't hypnotize him again to reverse her little joke. Ever since then Daliah had be sleeping like a baby and enjoying her new girly life. Under Jen's careful control Darren had become an adorable little girl that enjoyed playing with dolls and doing as she was told. Crossdressing Darren as Daliah was more fun than she expected and she enjoyed buying him the prettiest clothes. The only problem was that occasionally Daliah would still try and suck her thumb...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Transformation; Sorority magic

TG Captions
Andrew quickly learned that the sorority hall was not a place for males.
Andrew had been teasing his girlfriend about what it was that she and her friends got up to at their sorority meetings but she told him she was sworn to secrecy.
Unable to contain his curiosity he snuck into the building afternoon when there was no one around...

No sooner had he entered the main hall filled with statues of Goddesses and mystical symbols then he felt a searing pain, a violent whirlwind, and then he passed out. When he came to he found that feminine magic present in the hall had worked on him too and he was now a gorgeous sexy blonde. His skin was smooth as silk, his hair long and soft, his chest spectacular. His clothes had vanished and all could find was a camisole to wear that was far to skimpy to walk down the street in, He would have to wait until the other girls came back decided his fate. Perhaps they would even turn him back into a boy although as each minute passed he was enjoying the new sensations of his body more...

Monday, February 16, 2009

TG; Nothing to hide at the workout class

A transgender girl gives her new body the ultimate passing test
TG caption, Beverly joins a workout classBeginning her new life as a transgendered woman Beverly filled her days and nights with all the activities that she had never been able to participate in as the man Brian. Top of the list was joining her local women's gym where she joined the other ladies for the workout classes. This would be the real test of her new body. Wearing a form-fitting lycra leotard and leggings every curve her body was on show. But would she pass? She kept her past hidden and quickly made new friends that she met at the classes. Now as she sat chatting with Juliet during a break in a Buns N' Thighs workout session she finally felt like one of the girls.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caught with consequences; All wrapped up in Mandy's clothes

Trying on Mandy's clothes at work didn't work out as planned.
Crossdressing caught with consequencesAlex arrived an hour early for work and his hands shook with excitement as he let himself in. He had barely slept all night in anticipation of the treat he was about to enjoy. The art dealership was silent and empty as he knew it would be and he headed to the office at the back where he sat with his boss and Mandy.It was eight in the morning and he had an hour before Many would arrive for work.
Mandy, the new secretary who had been working at the dealership for only a month. Mandy, the young, sexy, bubbly girl who had brought so much laughter and light with her to the stuffy office. Mandy, whose high-heels clicked musically on the floorboards replacing the steady thumps of stern straight-faced Mrs Baxter when she had finally decided to stop working after 20 years dedicated service in her long gray or black skirts and starched shirts. Mandy, whose skirts never came below her knee and whose legs were perfect in every way. Mandy, who wore pants so tight that she could only be wearing a thong panty underneath or surely her panty-line would show. Mandy, whose perfume made the air in the office sweet and who made everyone smile with her feminine charm. Mandy, who had mesmerized Alex every since she arrived with her stylish clothes that could range from business suit to girlish flirt from one day to the next. Alex adored the way Mandy dressed as only a transvestite can and he craved to chat with her about fashion, and clothes and where to shop. However, still very much in the closet, he could only watch from a distance. Until this morning when he would finally get to wear one of Mandy's wonderful outfits.
The night before Mandy intended to go straight out from work to a function and so she had brought clothes with her to change into. She was a party girl with boundless energy and when the office was quiet she would often tell Alex about her escapades. Alex had never met any of her friends but he would have loved to meet the girls that danced on the bars with Alex, flirted with the world, and never missed an opportunity for fun. During the day before she had worn a delightful green jacket and matching short green tartan skirt that made her look more like a schoolgirl than her actual mid-twenties. She had finished off the outfit with nude pantyhose and cream heels. At the end of the day she had slipped into the toilet and emerged ten minutes later in a black fitted party-dress that barely covered her very rounded bottom. With black pantyhose and 5-inch heels she looked every inch a woman and Alex had nearly spilt his coffee in his lap as she stalked across the room.
"I'll just leave my things here till tomorrow," she said stuffing her day clothes into a bag that she thrust under her desk. With a final goodbye she ran out.
Alex couldn't believe his luck. His boss was still there and would be staying late but Alex would open the office the following morning as he always did. It was too good an opportunity to miss. That night he carefully shaved his legs and chest in preparation. In the morning he pulled on a pair of his favorite white cotton panties and a white lacy bra that was as near to what he knew Mandy wore as he had seen from the glimpses he occasionally got when she wore white shirts. Grabbing his blonde wig and hiding it in his bag he left for work.
He arrived at work an hour early and after letting himself in he almost ran for Mandy's desk. With shaking hands he pulled out her skirt, blouse, jacket, hose and shoes. Then he noticed that her make-up kit was in the bag too and he quickly and expertly applied lipstick, foundation, blusher, and eyeliner in the bathroom room. Then he headed back and after stripping to his undies, began to redress in Mandy's clothes. He began with the nylons, taking his time to carefully roll them up his legs so that they wouldn't run. He quivered as the soft material slid up his smooth legs and he reminded himself that Mandy had worn them only hours before. he pulled on her cream blouse and buttoned it up and then slid on the tartan skirt. Finally, he put on the jacket, her shoes his blonde wig, then clicked his way to the bathroom to check his appearance. He was thrilled with the results and by perching Mandy's glasses on his nose he felt he actually looked quite a bit like her. He returned to the office and moved around walking to and fro, making himself a coffee, listening to the sound of his heels on the floor. He sat in Mandy's chair and played with the phone and then walked around some more, enjoying the feeling of her skirt as it swayed over his thighs. He sat on her table and mimicked the way she smoothed out her pantyhose as she often did when she talked to him.
"I don't know if I should laugh or scream," Mandy said and Alex snapped out of his reverie. In a glance he took it all in; the clock on the wall that showed five minutes past nine, Mandy standing in the open door dressed in a tight black cotton top, short black pencil skirt, black tights and black boots, and the shocked but bemused look on her face.
"Wearing my clothes and my shoes!' Mandy continued and her voice was stern. "You've got some explaining to do haven't you?"
Alex's heart was pounding as he tried to think of something to say but his mind was a blank. He couldn't imagine what Mandy would do but by the smirk on her face he knew that she was already getting some outrageous ideas that her friends would love...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Crossdressing; Happliy married

A CD husband is a wife's best friend
A Crossdressing husband is a wife's best friend"What do you think of this, Sweetie?" Anna asked.
Jeff turned from the table to look at his wife who had come in from the bedroom. She was wearing a black net lacy top with matching mid-calf slip, sheer pantyhose, a matching pair of panties and no bra
"I love it! You look gorgeous like that dear," he replied and he meant it. "But if you go out like that I think you might be a little too cold."
"I know," laughed Anna, "but look who's talking. That dress you are wearing doesn't leave much to the imagination you little minx. Come and help me choose a dress. After all I don't want my tranny husband getting all the attention."

Jeff loved his wife and she loved him in return. She was the sexiest woman he had ever met and two years into their marriage he still felt that way. When they had first met the chemistry was immediate but it took him many months until he could tell her about his crossdressing fetish. To his relief Anna had not only accepted him but was even quite excited at the idea.
"You could be the perfect husband," she had joked. "A man who understands what a girl wants and what a girl needs."
Their marriage soon followed and Anna did everything she could to help feminize Jeff, teaching him all about finding the correct lingerie, coordinating his colors, what looked best for his figure, and how to walk in heels. Ever since they had lived together more as two girlfriends than husband and wife. Jeff's life was a one long dream of beautiful lingerie, waxing, feminine attire, and girly evenings out. Under Anna's careful tuition he had no trouble 'passing' in public and enjoyed going out together on shopping adventures, clubbing, or just a stroll in the park.
Today they were heading for the opera. Anna was in the mood for something black, a perfect contrast to her husband's choice. Jeff had chosen a sating evening dress with white pantyhose, and white satin bikini briefs. Jeff stood up and followed his wife to the bedroom. As he helped her go through a collection of sexy cocktail dresses he found himself once again asking himself whether life could get any better than this?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Transgender; A dream job

Working as a dancing girl was everything he had ever dreamed of
Kelly's new transgendered lifeFor Kevin the long years or struggle had finally paid off. He always knew he was a TG woman and had worked hard at feminizing every aspect of his life, from the way he dressed to the way he behaved. He had kept his fem side hidden for as long as he could but once he began the hormone treatment the changes in his physical appearance added to his confidence. His hips began to swell as did his chest. His skin softened and with his long hair he looked more like the woman he was with each passing day. At last it was time. He left his job at the post office and began a new life as Kelly in a new town. Luck was with him and within a week of arriving he landed a dream job as a dancing girl with a local troupe. He told the other girls in the team his past and they immediately accepted him as one of their own. Now as Kelly prepared to begin her first public performance she couldn't help but smile. She loved the crushed velvet costume and the way it fit her new body. Judging by the admiring looks she was getting from the crowd she looked as good as she felt. Living as a woman was everything she had expected and so much more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forced feminization; A lingerie fetish leads to an embarrasing afternoon

Forced to wear lingerie as a punishment
Forced feminizaton captioned imageAs he climbed over the divider that separated his balcony from the apartment next door Steve carefully checked that there was no one else around. His neighbor Heather wore some of the sexiest lingerie had had ever seen and for the past few months he had been sneaking across to her balcony where she hung out her clothes to dry. There he would take each panty and bar in turn, feeling the soft, smooth material, running his hands over them and holding them to his face so that he could smell the fresh scent of clean laundry. He delighted in knowing exactly what underwear Heather wore. Heather was a blonde girl in her late twenties and worked as a lawyer in a big law firm. It had been quite a thrill to discover that Heather wore stockings instead of pantyhose and knowing that just made her look even sexier in her business suits. Steve loved the thought that he knew such intimate details about this beautiful young woman. Every day he would watch her leave the building in her smart suits and imagine to himself which particular pair of panties she might have on under her mid-calf length fitted skirt, or how lacy might be the bra she wore under her white blouse.
Having navigated the divider Steve was delighted to see that today there was quite a haul. A beautiful set of a white matching lacy bra and tanga style panties hung on her laundry rack. There were also several pairs of cotton panties in bright colors and patterns as well as some of Heather's thigh-high stockings.
Steve lost no time in getting to the panties. He pulled them off the line and held them in front of him to get a better look. He felt the back panel and imagined Heather's shapely round bottom filling the material. He raised the panties to his face and inhaled losing himself the freshness and softness of the lacy material. As he lowered the panties he found himself looking at Heather who was staring at him from other other side of the balcony glass door. She had a determined look on her face and clearly meant business. She raised one hand and with her finger motioned to him that he should come inside then turned and went to sit in an armchair.
Steve found the balcony door was open and stepped into the apartment.
"You are quite a little panty boy aren't you? Heather said but it was more of a statement than a question. She pointed to the top of the book shelf where Steve saw to his horror a webcam pointing straight on to the balcony.
"I've had a feeling you were up to no good with my undies and now I have it on video," she said. "You pervert. You'll do time for this."
"Please don't call the police," Steve pleaded, " please don't I'm really sorry, it won't happen again, I'll do anything."
"Anything?" Heather said, and there was a tone in her voice that Steve didn't like the sound of. "We'll see about that. Since you clearly like women's underwear you had better put them on."
"I, I, I mean," spluttered Steve, " Look I'm really sorry, let's just try and put this behind us."
"In fact, you had better shave your body first, head to toe," continued Heather ignoring him. "You'll find a razor in the bathroom. Or should I just call the police?"
Steve knew he had no choice. He headed for the bathroom where he found a razor and got to work shaving his body in the shower. It took him nearly an hour but by the time he was finished he was smooth and hairless.
While he was in the shower Heather had laid out the bra and panties by the sink. He pulled on the panties and was surprised at the how they felt. Next he put on the bra which he had some trouble with having never worn one before.
"Well, let's have a look at you," demanded an impatient Heather.
In the bathroom, Steve blushed a bright red. He was about to parade around in front of young woman dressed only in bra and panties. ccTaking a deep breath he walked out of the shower room and Heather exploded into laughter as she snapped some pictures with a digital camera.
"My just look at you," she teased and then pointed to a pair of stockings and white high-heel shoes on the sofa. "Put those on, you obviously like my stockings and I can't wait to see you in heels."
Steve sat on the sofa and rolled on the stockings. As the smooth nylons slid along his leg he was amazed at how good they felt. He stood up to put on the heels he realized that the thrill of putting on the stockings had caused a noticeable change at the front of his panties.
"I see you enjoy being a sissy crossdresser," Heather said pointing at his embarrassing bulge. "Since you like it so much you can stay that way while you wash my dishes. Run along, and mind you do them well. And don't take too long, because after that you will clean the floor."
As he tottered over to the sink in the heels with Heather snapping pictures all the time Steve adjusted the bra that was a little to tight and already leaving marks on his shoulders. To make matters worse he was acutely aware that the tanga panties were riding up at the back...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crossdressing; Made up for an evening of fun

Putting on a pretty face for the fun of it
Michael stepped out of the shower and carefully rubbed skin lotion into his skin. He had shaved his entire body while in the shower and now his skin was smooth and silky, just like a girl's should be.
He went to his lingerie draw an pulled out a matching set of black lacy satin panties and bra. He pulled the panties over his smooth legs and felt a thrill as slipped on to encase his masculinity. He expertly put on the bra and put silicone enhancers into the cups to give himself a shapely chest.
Putting on his dressing gown he headed back to the bathroom.
He opened up his make-up bag and began to apply his 'warpaint'. In just an hour he would head town and he wanted to look his crossdressing best. He would spend hours walking the streets mixing with crowds, enjoying the feeling of being a gorgeous woman. And no one would know that underneath it all he was really a tranny.
He plucked his eyebrows into a feminine arch and curled his applied mascara until his eyelashes were long, thick, and curled. Next came the eye-shadow to make his perfectly framed and enchanting. He smoothed foundation over his face and lightly blushed his cheeks. Lastly came the lipstick, his favorite, a deep red that made his lips full, sexy, and sensuous.
Satisfied with the results he headed back to his room where the all black skin-tight lycra bodysuit and leather mini-skirt waited on his bed. Paired with sheer stockings and calf-length boots he was going to look sexy beyond words...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Feminization; Made into a little girl

A new little sister for Sonia
Feminized by his girlfriend for wearing her pantiesIt hadn't taken more than hour to transform Tommy. Sonia had walked into her bedroom and found her boyfriend Tommy wearing her panties. After the initial shock had passed she sprang into action with remarkable determination. Either Tommy did as she said or she would let the whole world know.
"No wonder you've always kept your hair so long. You're a little panty-sissy," she said. "Well, 've always wanted a kid sister and now I've got one."
After a quick shower she shaved every inch of Tommy's body and then dug out the frilliest, girly clothes she could find. She found a short frilly off-the-shoulder dress with matching frilly thigh-high stockings. Tommy even had to pull on a pair of white cotton panties with a bow at the front that matched the two she put in his hair.
When Tommy protested she cut him short.
"Since you clearly want to be a girl you will have to start your feminization from the beginning. Every little girl has to wear clothes like these are you are no exception."

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Crossdressing; Tricked into more than he bargained for

The show must go on and a crossdressing husband is just the what the girls need
Tricked into crossdressing in public
George became one of the girls.
Titillating TG CaptionsGeorge nearly fainted with shame.
When his wife talked him into going to a costume party at a night-club she suggested they both dress as a chorus-girls. At first he refused outright but then Sally had shown him the costume, with plumes of feathers, sexy figure-hugging bodice, satin elbow gloves, and matching nylons and high heels. Torn between seeing his wife dressed in such a sexy outfit and the sheer embarrassment of wearing such a feminine costume he eventually agreed but only because he assumed that no one they knew would be there. He even agreed to shave his body, at Sally's insistence, so that the costume would look 'just right'.
As they entered the club he discovered to his horror that some of the women from his wife's book club were there wearing identical costumes.
"Didn't I tell you, I got the idea from a book we are reading," Sally said with a wicked grin.
"I'm can't go in there," George gasped. "I'm going home."
"Don't be silly," Sally replied. "You look perfectly adorable in those pantyhose and you have such good legs."
George was about to turn and run but before he could his wife called out to the other girls.
"Hi Debbie, Lynn, here is my husband George. As I told you he will be joining us on stage tonight."
"What!" squeaked George.
"Yes dear, the book is all about a group of four chorus girls and we thought it would be fun to try and get the feeling of dancing on stage. But only three of us were able to come tonight so you have to make up the numbers."
"My, you are a pretty girl aren't you?" Debbie said as George blushed bright red.
"You never told me George was such a diva", giggled Lynn.
All three girls burst out laughing and before he could make a move hustled him into the dark club and towards the stage. It was only once he was inside that George noticed that there were only women in club.
"That's right," Sally explained when George asked about this. "The book is about dancers in an all-girls club."
As the girls made their way to the front of the room the crowd roared and whistled their approval, with George getting most of the attention...

Crossdressing; Judy discovers her husband's online activites

A virtual crossdresser joins the real world
Crossdressing onlineAs he walked into the computer den Alex's heart fell. Judy, his wife, was sitting at the computer and she had clearly just found his archive of transvestite, crossdressing, and transgendered images.
"So you like wearing my pretty panties under your suit at work do you?" she scorned. "I see you enjoy wearing nylons too."
It was worse than he had thought. She had gone through his e-mails and discovered his online persona 'Alexia'. Alexia, the floozy who told his online sissy friends how he enjoyed wearing sexy underwear and pantyhose; Alexia who had told how he 'borrowed' his wife's underthings because they made him feel like the girl he always wanted to be; Alexia, who feminized himself with his wife's lingerie whenever he was home alone; Alexia who envied his wife's sexy legs and the stockings that she wore.
"Well then my little 'Alexia', from now on you can wear the panties and I'll be wearing the pants in this household," Judy said. "And you can start by taking off that suit you are wearing right now. Come on girly, let's see what you've got on today."

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Captioned Images; Crossdressing, Transgendered

Ready for a night on the town
Darren had spent the whole week preparing for this evening and he was going to make the most of it. Each night had had carefully shaved his face and this afternoon he had shaved his entire body from head to toe in the shower. After carefully dusting himself with talc, he had applied his make up, arching his eyebrows and curling his eyelashes.
He slipped on a pair of black satin bikini panties with a delicate lace trim and a ribbon at the front and matched them with a satin corset that squeezed his chest into a small, but passable bust. He rolled on a pair of black pantyhose, gasping at the sensation as the soft hose slid up his smooth legs. With the pantyhose in place he stepped into a pair of five-inch heels and spent several minutes getting used to them, perfecting his feminine gait and enjoying the click of his heels on the floor. He pulled on his favorite wig and adjusted it till it looked like his real hair and then took a look the mirror. Staring back at him was a young sexy woman, irresistible and enchanting. Tonight he was going out, just like a real woman. He knew he looked good enough to pass and he intended to spend the evening strolling the streets around the bars and clubs enjoying every hungry look he attracted, every turned head. He made some final touches to his eye-make up and headed for the door...

Captioned Images; Humiliatiation and humiliated by girls

Forced feminization during the poker game
The girls easily beat him at poker and then feminized him
Strip Poker Loser
It had seemed such a good idea to start with. A hard week at work for everyone at the office and Jason had suggested they go out for a drink to mellow out. He couldn't believe his luck when Lisa and Ruthie, the two sex sirens of the office, agreed to his suggestion. Things had gone well and the girls flirted with him all night. One thing led to another and he challenged them to a game of strip poker back at his place. After all, what did they know about poker and by then they were both quite tipsy. The game had started well with both girls losing the opening hands. Jason could barely control himself when, with a mass of hysterical giggling and contortions, they had both peeled off their bras from underneath their dresses rather than something more modest such as their shoes. The next few rounds had passed in a blur. Now Jason was stripped down to just his jeans.
"Well, get on with it," gurgled Lisa, "you've have no hand at all. You lose, take something off."
"Come on Cowboy, show us what you've got!" laughed Ruthie.
As he began to undo his jeans Jason remembered with a shock that he was wearing a ridiculous leopard pattern thong brief and they way things were going, that wasn't going to stay on much longer either.
"Look at that! It's the leopard boy!" shrieked Ruthie as she caught sight of his briefs. "Just wait till the rest of the girls at work hear about this."
"You wouldn't!" gasped Jason. "This is supposed to be private."
"Too late," shouted Lisa with glee, "you should have said that before we started playing..."

Crossdressing captioned images; Caught with consequences

A new role for Alan
Alan never expected things to go this far in such a short time.
It was barely a month ago that Sandra had found the files on his computer. He had been in the shower and she decided to logon to her Facebook account from his laptop. His browser history showed the transvestite forum he was active in and a quick search for picture files found his hoard of crossdressing pictures and stories. There were even some pictures he had taken of himself wearing her panties. When he came out of the shower his heart had sunk into his feet but she wouldn't even look at him. She just kept on going through all of his stash. He tried to explain, how he enjoyed experiencing what girls feel like when they dress but his pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears. Then, to his horror, she copied the pictures of him wearing her underwear to a USB drive and got up to leave.
"We'll see," was all she said in a tight-lipped voice as she walked out the door.
He didn't hear from her for three days and then she called and told him she was coming over. He was relieved but something in her voice sounded different, more confident.
"I've been checking up on the Internet just why it is that man would want to wear women's clothes," she began. "That's quite a little fetish, isn't it?
Alan began to respond but she cut him off.
"If you like wearing girls' clothes so much then you can become my personal assistant," she continued. "And like any good assistant, you will dress appropriately. You will shave your body and manicure. You will wear either dresses or skirts since you like them so much, and find yourself a wig until your hair grows long enough. Apply make-up, I don't want a sloppy looking assistant."
"Look, I admit I like wearing girls' panties but this is going too far," Alan protested.
"Yes, so I noticed. If you don't comply I'll put those pictures of you in my stolen underwear up on Facebook," Sandra retorted and Alan knew he had not choice.
Even since then Alan had been slipping further and further into his role of the young, sexy, feminine assistant. He wore only women's clothes when they were together and he had began acting more feminine under Sandra's careful tuition. He prepared her clothes everyday as well as his own and the were both quite happy with the arrangement.
Now he sat on the edge of the couch with his hand politely in his lap, looking every bit his new role, as she explained to him that she wanted him to prepare dinner for her and some friends the following evening.
Discovered while shopping
As Harry left the office he could barely conceal his excitement.
"I'll be back in about an hour," he said to Linda, the office admin, as he passed her desk on the way to the door. As office admin Linda worked with several departments and was always the source of inter-department gossip.
"Take any messages for me but don't tell callers when to expect me back," he added.
Efficient and business-like, that was Harry, and that was what had brought him to a position of middle-management at the firm where he had a team of four young girls working under him in Quality Control. There was a project nearing its deadline and everyone would be tied up at work for the day making last minute preparations for the release. Harry knew he had the streets to himself and he quickly headed for the lingerie shop he frequented in a quiet side-street across town.
Harry had been crossdressing for years and although very much in the closet amongst his acquaintances he was not beyond going to a women's fashion store and trying on some clothes. If that could be lingerie, then so much the better. He had found the girls in the lingerie store were very accepting of his fetish and the thrill of having real women helping him to try on and to choose clothes was exquisite. He had been visiting the store now for three months and knew Bev and Jill, the attendants by name. They knew his tastes and always kept an eye out for something special for him. Today was no exception. Within minutes of arriving he was decked out in a red satin corset with lace trim and thigh-high black stockings.
"My, just look at you, you little minx," commented Bev as he came out of the dressing room and paraded in front of the shop's mirrors and the girls.
"We have it in pink as well, would you like to try it?" asked Jill.
Of course he would.
Jill passed the delicate pink corset to him from behind the changing room curtain and he set to work slipping on the satin garment. He heard the girls talking outside and he blushed with excitement as he imagined them talking about him.
When he was all set he marched back out and stood in front of the full-length mirror taking care to give the girls a good view too.
"Well, what do you think dears?" he asked in the sissy voice he kept for his visits to the store.
For a moment there was silence.
"I think Harry, you look very cute," said a familiar voice.
Harry whipped around and saw to his horror Linda's sister Sarah coming out from behind a rack of babydolls and camisoles. Linda would often drop by the office to chat with Linda, a practice that Harry didn't approve of.
"I just popped in to pick up a little something sexy for myself although I don't quite have your legs," Sarah said with barely concealed mirth.
Harry turned as pink as his corset. He mumbled some incoherent excuses and quickly changed back to his regular clothes and came out of the changing room
"Harry works with my sister," Sarah said to Bev and Jill. "Although he usually wears a suit."
"You should see him in that cream bodysuit, he looks a treat," replied Jill.
He dashed for the door and heard Bev and Jill tell Sarah about some of the other delicates he had tried on and even some of his purchases.

His hands were shaking as he came back to the office. He hoped and prayed that Sarah would have all the discretion her sister lacked. If Linda every found out every girl in the building would know by the end of the day.
As he came through the door he caught Linda's eye as she talked on the phone and he knew that Sarah was already telling her everything...
Surprised by an early return
It had all started off so perfectly well. His wife Wendy had left in the morning for the mall where she was to meet her friends for coffee, gossip, and shopping. After her last visit to the mall Wendy had returned with a sheer black mini-dress that she said was 'her nights off clubbing with the girls'. From the moment he saw it Michael knew he had to try it on.
Michael waited a good ten minutes until he was sure his wife was well on her way before heading straight for the bedroom. As quick as he could he stripped off his clothes and pulled a pair of his wife's sheer black satin panties and a matching satin bra. He rolled a pair of nylons up his leg and then carefully applied some make up and topped it with one of Wendy's Halloween wigs.

And then came the dress. Slowly, adoringly, he stepped into it, luxuriating at the feel of the soft fabric as it slid over his body. He put some music on and began dancing as he knew Wendy did when she went clubbing with her girlfriends. The music pounded and he swung his hips, every inch the diva. He never heard the key turn in the front door, the shout from his wife that she had left her mobile behind, or even her footsteps on the stairs. It was only when she called his name that he snapped back to reality in time to catch the flash of her camera-phone...
Caught by the girls
It was a dream come true. The college girls Sandy and Diana who lived next door were going away for a weekend with some friends. Sandy and Richard had exchanged spare keys given two weeks ago as a precaution against them being locked out and Richard had made use hers at the first opportunity. A few days later when his neighbors were at school for the day he had snuck in and spent a delicious hour exploring their clothes. Stretch jeans, tank-tops, leggings, miniskirts and cocktail dresses, swimsuits and bikinis, shorts and high heels, the girls had it all. And then there was their underwear, soft cotton panties in bright colors, patterned and plain, that filled two whole drawers. There were high-cut panties and thongs, satin boyshorts and lacy french knickers. There was far too much to try on but he 'borrowed' a pink bra and some red lace panties and decided to bide his time. Now he had his chance. The girls had left an hour ago and Richard was now standing in front of the mirror wearing a pair of pink-stripped Victora's Secrets cotton panties and white cotton bra with little red hearts on it. He found a tight light-blue T-shirt and a stretch-jeans miniskirt that Diana had been wearing the day before and finished off with black heeled sandals. With an final admiring look at himself he skipped out into the hall and came face to face with Sandy, Diana, and four of their friends, Emma, Debbie, Linda, and Judy.
"Gotcha!" squealed Sandy trying to look angry but fighting back her laughter.
"We've just retrieved this from your bedroom," said Diana holding the bra he had taken. "We knew you were a panty-thief but even I didn't expect this".
"It's payback time Richard," said Sandy, "or should that be Rachel?"