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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Captioned Images; Humiliatiation and humiliated by girls

Forced feminization during the poker game
The girls easily beat him at poker and then feminized him
Strip Poker Loser
It had seemed such a good idea to start with. A hard week at work for everyone at the office and Jason had suggested they go out for a drink to mellow out. He couldn't believe his luck when Lisa and Ruthie, the two sex sirens of the office, agreed to his suggestion. Things had gone well and the girls flirted with him all night. One thing led to another and he challenged them to a game of strip poker back at his place. After all, what did they know about poker and by then they were both quite tipsy. The game had started well with both girls losing the opening hands. Jason could barely control himself when, with a mass of hysterical giggling and contortions, they had both peeled off their bras from underneath their dresses rather than something more modest such as their shoes. The next few rounds had passed in a blur. Now Jason was stripped down to just his jeans.
"Well, get on with it," gurgled Lisa, "you've have no hand at all. You lose, take something off."
"Come on Cowboy, show us what you've got!" laughed Ruthie.
As he began to undo his jeans Jason remembered with a shock that he was wearing a ridiculous leopard pattern thong brief and they way things were going, that wasn't going to stay on much longer either.
"Look at that! It's the leopard boy!" shrieked Ruthie as she caught sight of his briefs. "Just wait till the rest of the girls at work hear about this."
"You wouldn't!" gasped Jason. "This is supposed to be private."
"Too late," shouted Lisa with glee, "you should have said that before we started playing..."


jellybean said...

When are us boys going to realize that the women are FAR superior to us in every way.

Loved the little story.

whyguys said...

Lisa and Ruthie laughed as the poker games continued. Jason thought it a reprieve when they had him remove the ridiculous thongs, BUT the ensuing losses at poker saw them amusedly rapt watching as he had to draw on lace satin panties, matching bra and garterbelt... then a completely exquisitely feminine maid's outfit from the skin outward THEY thought more appropriate for an INFERIOR male.

Throughout it all, the taunting Women photographed "Jaselle's" transformation, telling him he'd not only lost every hand at poker - but his 'manhhod' FOREVER as well...

Lisa and Ruthir kissed each other deeply and retired to bed, informing Their new SERVING GIRL breakfast would expected the next morning at * o'clock SHARP!