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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Crossdressing captioned images; Caught with consequences

A new role for Alan
Alan never expected things to go this far in such a short time.
It was barely a month ago that Sandra had found the files on his computer. He had been in the shower and she decided to logon to her Facebook account from his laptop. His browser history showed the transvestite forum he was active in and a quick search for picture files found his hoard of crossdressing pictures and stories. There were even some pictures he had taken of himself wearing her panties. When he came out of the shower his heart had sunk into his feet but she wouldn't even look at him. She just kept on going through all of his stash. He tried to explain, how he enjoyed experiencing what girls feel like when they dress but his pleas seemed to fall on deaf ears. Then, to his horror, she copied the pictures of him wearing her underwear to a USB drive and got up to leave.
"We'll see," was all she said in a tight-lipped voice as she walked out the door.
He didn't hear from her for three days and then she called and told him she was coming over. He was relieved but something in her voice sounded different, more confident.
"I've been checking up on the Internet just why it is that man would want to wear women's clothes," she began. "That's quite a little fetish, isn't it?
Alan began to respond but she cut him off.
"If you like wearing girls' clothes so much then you can become my personal assistant," she continued. "And like any good assistant, you will dress appropriately. You will shave your body and manicure. You will wear either dresses or skirts since you like them so much, and find yourself a wig until your hair grows long enough. Apply make-up, I don't want a sloppy looking assistant."
"Look, I admit I like wearing girls' panties but this is going too far," Alan protested.
"Yes, so I noticed. If you don't comply I'll put those pictures of you in my stolen underwear up on Facebook," Sandra retorted and Alan knew he had not choice.
Even since then Alan had been slipping further and further into his role of the young, sexy, feminine assistant. He wore only women's clothes when they were together and he had began acting more feminine under Sandra's careful tuition. He prepared her clothes everyday as well as his own and the were both quite happy with the arrangement.
Now he sat on the edge of the couch with his hand politely in his lap, looking every bit his new role, as she explained to him that she wanted him to prepare dinner for her and some friends the following evening.
Discovered while shopping
As Harry left the office he could barely conceal his excitement.
"I'll be back in about an hour," he said to Linda, the office admin, as he passed her desk on the way to the door. As office admin Linda worked with several departments and was always the source of inter-department gossip.
"Take any messages for me but don't tell callers when to expect me back," he added.
Efficient and business-like, that was Harry, and that was what had brought him to a position of middle-management at the firm where he had a team of four young girls working under him in Quality Control. There was a project nearing its deadline and everyone would be tied up at work for the day making last minute preparations for the release. Harry knew he had the streets to himself and he quickly headed for the lingerie shop he frequented in a quiet side-street across town.
Harry had been crossdressing for years and although very much in the closet amongst his acquaintances he was not beyond going to a women's fashion store and trying on some clothes. If that could be lingerie, then so much the better. He had found the girls in the lingerie store were very accepting of his fetish and the thrill of having real women helping him to try on and to choose clothes was exquisite. He had been visiting the store now for three months and knew Bev and Jill, the attendants by name. They knew his tastes and always kept an eye out for something special for him. Today was no exception. Within minutes of arriving he was decked out in a red satin corset with lace trim and thigh-high black stockings.
"My, just look at you, you little minx," commented Bev as he came out of the dressing room and paraded in front of the shop's mirrors and the girls.
"We have it in pink as well, would you like to try it?" asked Jill.
Of course he would.
Jill passed the delicate pink corset to him from behind the changing room curtain and he set to work slipping on the satin garment. He heard the girls talking outside and he blushed with excitement as he imagined them talking about him.
When he was all set he marched back out and stood in front of the full-length mirror taking care to give the girls a good view too.
"Well, what do you think dears?" he asked in the sissy voice he kept for his visits to the store.
For a moment there was silence.
"I think Harry, you look very cute," said a familiar voice.
Harry whipped around and saw to his horror Linda's sister Sarah coming out from behind a rack of babydolls and camisoles. Linda would often drop by the office to chat with Linda, a practice that Harry didn't approve of.
"I just popped in to pick up a little something sexy for myself although I don't quite have your legs," Sarah said with barely concealed mirth.
Harry turned as pink as his corset. He mumbled some incoherent excuses and quickly changed back to his regular clothes and came out of the changing room
"Harry works with my sister," Sarah said to Bev and Jill. "Although he usually wears a suit."
"You should see him in that cream bodysuit, he looks a treat," replied Jill.
He dashed for the door and heard Bev and Jill tell Sarah about some of the other delicates he had tried on and even some of his purchases.

His hands were shaking as he came back to the office. He hoped and prayed that Sarah would have all the discretion her sister lacked. If Linda every found out every girl in the building would know by the end of the day.
As he came through the door he caught Linda's eye as she talked on the phone and he knew that Sarah was already telling her everything...
Surprised by an early return
It had all started off so perfectly well. His wife Wendy had left in the morning for the mall where she was to meet her friends for coffee, gossip, and shopping. After her last visit to the mall Wendy had returned with a sheer black mini-dress that she said was 'her nights off clubbing with the girls'. From the moment he saw it Michael knew he had to try it on.
Michael waited a good ten minutes until he was sure his wife was well on her way before heading straight for the bedroom. As quick as he could he stripped off his clothes and pulled a pair of his wife's sheer black satin panties and a matching satin bra. He rolled a pair of nylons up his leg and then carefully applied some make up and topped it with one of Wendy's Halloween wigs.

And then came the dress. Slowly, adoringly, he stepped into it, luxuriating at the feel of the soft fabric as it slid over his body. He put some music on and began dancing as he knew Wendy did when she went clubbing with her girlfriends. The music pounded and he swung his hips, every inch the diva. He never heard the key turn in the front door, the shout from his wife that she had left her mobile behind, or even her footsteps on the stairs. It was only when she called his name that he snapped back to reality in time to catch the flash of her camera-phone...
Caught by the girls
It was a dream come true. The college girls Sandy and Diana who lived next door were going away for a weekend with some friends. Sandy and Richard had exchanged spare keys given two weeks ago as a precaution against them being locked out and Richard had made use hers at the first opportunity. A few days later when his neighbors were at school for the day he had snuck in and spent a delicious hour exploring their clothes. Stretch jeans, tank-tops, leggings, miniskirts and cocktail dresses, swimsuits and bikinis, shorts and high heels, the girls had it all. And then there was their underwear, soft cotton panties in bright colors, patterned and plain, that filled two whole drawers. There were high-cut panties and thongs, satin boyshorts and lacy french knickers. There was far too much to try on but he 'borrowed' a pink bra and some red lace panties and decided to bide his time. Now he had his chance. The girls had left an hour ago and Richard was now standing in front of the mirror wearing a pair of pink-stripped Victora's Secrets cotton panties and white cotton bra with little red hearts on it. He found a tight light-blue T-shirt and a stretch-jeans miniskirt that Diana had been wearing the day before and finished off with black heeled sandals. With an final admiring look at himself he skipped out into the hall and came face to face with Sandy, Diana, and four of their friends, Emma, Debbie, Linda, and Judy.
"Gotcha!" squealed Sandy trying to look angry but fighting back her laughter.
"We've just retrieved this from your bedroom," said Diana holding the bra he had taken. "We knew you were a panty-thief but even I didn't expect this".
"It's payback time Richard," said Sandy, "or should that be Rachel?"

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