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Friday, April 22, 2011

His thong is much more interesting

Wearing a thong gets he some attention
But not the attention he wants
Titillating TG Captions: Caught wearing a thong
Greg's thong was popular
Greg was trying to pay attention to the tutor. It was a boring subject and he was doing his best to stay awake. Behind him Lynda and Beverly were fidgeting but he tried to ignore them.Then he heard Clara's phone beep on the other side of the room. He saw her check the message and then quickly look round at him and with a big grin.

Greg smiled back at Clara. After all, she was cute and if she was smiling at him then who could tell where it might lead. A moment late he heard three more phones beep around the room and three girls checked their messages. Each one of them giggled at the message and then immediately looked round at him. Greg was puzzled as to what the message could be.
Then his phone beeped to let him know that he had received a message. It was from Lynda and contained a picture. The message read: "Hey girl what happened to Greg!" and when Greg saw the picture he nearly fell off his chair. The picture had been taken by Lynda and clearly showed the purple thong he was wearing over the top of his jeans. Greg had been wearing women's underwear for many years and his greatest fear was that someone would find out. Now not only had he been discovered but there was photo evidence too. As he watched he could see several girls checking their phones and then tapping out another message. Whether or not they were just replying or forwarding the picture to their friends who couldn't tell but Greg knew that by the time the lesson ended his panties would be very popular...

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Anonymous said...

I bet Greg sits in the back of the class from now on