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Monday, January 10, 2011

Feminization escape

The feminization training program is too much for one boy

Tommy still had some learning to do in his feminizing training
Tommy looked at the instructor with blank eyes. This session had been going on for over three hours and he was worn down and close to tears.
"Once again," the instructor said in a stern voice. "If you are wearing a gray skirt what color pantyhose can you wear that will match and what color will clash?"
Tommy shook his head. His mind was blank except for one thought. Escape.

Tommy had been sent to the attitude training program because of his frequent run-ins with law for anti-social behavior. He had laughed at the idea of the month-long program and laughed even more when he arrived and found that all the instructors were young women wearing the same tight fitting uniforms of mid-length tight black skirts, white shirts, blank pantyhose and high heels. He even laughed when they explained to him that he would be trained to develop his feminine sensibility to cure his masculine violence. But then the program started and by the end of the first day he had been forced to wear girl's clothes and underwear. Although petite the women were well-trained in crowd control and could easily overcome him if he struggled. Punishments involved a session with the 'Head Mistress' a fearsome woman in her mid-forties. Tommy had only been to her once and that was enough to keep him in line every since. Each day was made up of intense lessons on how to be a good girl. He was trained in fashion and make-up and forced to demonstrate his learning by feminizing himself. Although the instructors wore clothes he and the other trainees were only allowed to wear lingerie, a further humiliation.
Tommy looked up at his instructor, Miss Amber.
"I don't know," he whispered.
"Well you had better make it your business to know," she said. "I'm going out for a short break and when I come back you had better have an answer. Come on now Tommy, think like a girl."
She stormed out of the room her heels clicking loudly on the wooden floor.
Can he ever go back to the way he was?
Tommy sat alone in the room, the first time he had been alone since he arrived. He looked across the room to the high windows, tempting him with freedom. Just what he would do if he did get out he didn't know. He was dressed in a matching bra and panties with stockings and he could hardly walk down the street like that. Nontheless, he made his decision. He dragged his chair to the window and climbed up to the window. He looked around trying to find a latch to open the window but here didn't seem to be any. He would have to break it. There was nothing hard enough in the room but then he remembered the high heels he was wearing. He lifted his leg up and inspected the shoe. It might just be hard enough.
"Just what do you think you are doing up there?" Miss Amber asked from the door her arms folded across her chest.
Tommy froze in panic.
"Those windows are toughened safety glass, you couldn't break those with a hammer never mind a shoe," she said. "Well, I can see you need another visit to the Head Mistress."
"No, please not, no I'll be a good boy now," Tommy said as tears filled his eyes.
"But that's just the point Tommy, you are supposed to be learning to be a good girl," Miss Amber said as she took him by the hand and led him to the door. "The Head Mistress will explain it all to you again until you understand. Perhaps you can even ask her what pantyhose you should be wearing with that skirt."


Linda Marie Daniels said...

Nice cap. Poor / lucky Tommy!

Tommi said...

ooo i love it!!

Mr Panty Sky said...

great, i like it

Anonymous said...

oh yes, I would love to be a student there with Tommy!!!

Anonymous said...

Tommy should definitely give in. Love the cap! Miss your work!!!