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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Forced feminization and female dominance go well together

Keeping the sissy in his place

Her feet could make him do anything
Lawrence stood before his wife Sue and tried to steady his nerves. As usual he was fully feminized with his long blond hair tied in loose ponytail and his nails perfectly manicured. He was wearing only a soft peach-toned lacy thong. Every night they had the same ritual. This was how he waited for Sue when she came home from work. She would walk in and head straight to the armchair in the salon. Kicking off her heels she would demand a foot-massage from her sissy husband. But tonight Lawrence had decided things had gone far enough.
He wished he had never told her about his passion for feet and her feet in particular. At the time he had thought it would bring a certain fun to their marriage and at first it did. He enjoyed giving Sue foot massages, and would naturally progress to kissing her feet. But as Sue looked down on her husband, she began to feel the power she had over him. She would laugh at his administrations, goading him to work every harder in trying to please her. Soon she would only let him touch her feet and Lawrence found that the more she teased him the more obsessed he became. The she began feminizing him, demanding he wear panties if he wanted to touch her feet. Lawrence played along, enjoying the thrill of being humiliated by his wife, yet tenderly passionate to her at the same time. The panties led to shaving his body, then to waxing; she insisted he grow his hair and manicure his nails. One step at a time she feminized his life, laughing at his inability to refuse her if she just dangled a foot for him to kiss. 
But Lawrence had had enough. Every night Sue demanded he massage her feet dressed only in a pair of her panties. He needed to get back some self-respect. 
Sue sat in the armchair reviewing her husband.  He looked ridiculous in the panties and she knew he didn't like wearing them.
His wife uses the power of her feet
"Massage my feet," she said.
"Look Sue," Lawrence began, "I think maybe this has all gone too far. You know, I mean, this is all a bit much. I think we should take a break."
Sue just looked at him with a small smile playing at the corner of her mouth. She was wearing a white blouse and and an above the knee gray pencil skirt. Slowly she crossed her legs, allowing the skirt to ride up her legs another few inches.
Lawrence swallowed hard, trying to ignore the perfect black nylon-clad legs displayed before him.
"I mean, I don't mind giving you a foot massage but this whole panties thing and the hair and the nails is a bit much, that's all."
Sue didn't say a word. Very slowly she straightened out her upper leg and pointed her toes at Lawrence.
Lawrence tried with all his might but he just couldn't take his eyes off her foot, small, and perfectly-formed, with the sheer nylon material stretched over her toes. She lowered her leg again and let the foot dangle, slowly rotating it at the ankle.
Lawrence was already walking towards her without realizing it. As he reached his wife he tried one last time to bring things to an end.
He took a breath but before he could speak Sue stretched out her foot again and this time she softly rubbed his shin with her toes. Lawrence dropped to his knees and took the foot in his hands all thoughts gone from his mind. Sue pulled the foot from his hands and Lawrence looked up at her, desire written all over his face.
Sue uncrosses her legs and placed one foot next to the other.
"Not with your hands. Kiss my feet."
Lawrence leaned forward  bent his head to the floor. As he drew closer he could smell the intoxicating blend of his wife's feet and warm nylon. Just as he was about to reach her feet she pulled them away forcing him to chase her feet always staying just an inch out of reach. Her scent filled his mind and he barely noticed the hand that came down and grabbed his hair. The she pressed his nose to her toes and he drew in a long loving breath through his nose. Lawrence began to kiss his wife's feet and with her hand she guide him, sending his lips along the arch of each foot, around her heel and against the sole.
"What did you want to say," Sue said mocking him.
She could barely make out what Lawrence said because his mouth was still pressed desperately against her feet, but she thought it sounded like 'nothing dear'.


180297r said...

I love the thought. I love stockings so I love the story

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Awesome story telling! I want more!