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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

George listens to Michelle, now he can't go back

Michelle couldn't help smiling at her reflection in the mirror as George sobbed into her shoulder. From where she was standing the full-length mirror showed most of her boyfriend's body and to her discerning eye it looked perfectly feminine.

"There, there," she said stroking George's long blond hair as she ran her eyes up and down his slim, curvaceous body. They were wearing matching outfits, black leotards with black pantyhose and George looked every inch the girl that she was.

Of course, George couldn't know that turning him into a girl had been her plan all along. Michelle had discovered that with just the right combination of flirting, sexy clothing, and her most assertive voice she could get most men to do just about anything she wanted. At first she just used them for her own purposes but then she began pushing their limits seeing how far she could go. She was delighted to see how with a little fetish encouragement she could twist them around her fingers.

Michelle was tickled when she found out that weak men almost always had a fascination for panties and getting them to wear a pair for her entertainment rarely took more than a sexy wink and  a little teasing. Once they had worn their first pair of frilly undies their masculinity quickly seeped away and Michelle found it fascinating to just keep going. Soon it became a hobby, seeing how quickly she could take a man a turn him into a sissy.

It was only two weeks since George had first slipped on a pair of lemon yellow cotton bikini panties, the little bow on the front just adding to their feminine appearance. He had grinned at her nervously as she showed her approval but Michelle was already reaching for a bra.

From panties and bras she soon had him wearing shaving his body, wearing pantyhose and practicing his makeup. Each time he tried to resist the changes she was making to him she put him back in place, looking deep into his eyes and telling him how much fun he was having by pleasing her. It always worked. His already long blonde hair was allowed to grow even longer and she went with him to have it cut in a feminine style.

This evening it was time to take the final big step, the point of no return, when George would commit to living as a sissy for the rest of his life.

She had dressed in the black body suit and pantyhose before he arrived at her apartment and when he arrived he couldn't take his eyes off her. Then Michelle held up the matching outfit, and told him to put it on. She watched him change out of his business suit and noted with satisfaction that he was wearing a pink thong panty as she had instructed him.

George put on his pantyhose and bodysuit and then Michelle told him that it was time to commit to being a girl forever.

As she expected, there was a last moment of defiance, as he tried to fight back and keep his masculinity.

"I don't want to do this any more," George moaned. "I didn't know it would go this far. I don't want to be a girl."

But Michelle knew that it was too late. A real man would have stormed out, but when George just burst into tear Michelle knew she had him.

She stroked his head a little more and then spoke into his ear, into his mind, into his heart.

"But just think how smooth and sexy the bodysuit is," she said. How much fun the panties area. You've enjoyed being a girl haven't you?"

"Yes," whispered George.

"So there is no reason to stop, is there?"

"No," George breathed.

"And you like being a girl, don't you? A girl just like me," Michelle encourage him. using her sexiest and most tempting voice.  "You can do it for me, and you do want to please me, don't you?"

"Yes," squeaked George.

"Good girl," Michelle said. "And you are  a girl, aren't you?"

"Yes," sniffled George. "I'm a girl, I promise."

Michelle, smiled at herself in the mirror. She was already thinking about who her next project would be.


Ian said...

Love this caption/story

Anonymous said...

OMG are you going to start captioning again. It's been soo long and I have missed your amazing captions/stories great to see your work again and I will eagerly await and surely enjoy your future pots :)

Patty said...

Welcome back - great to see a new caption from you! You are the best!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Missed your captions! <3

Anonymous said...

So happy you are back! Please post more often. So so so happy. Love your captions!

Anonymous said...

i love the post.

alexvyaz said...

I would like to see your new stories.

Anonymous said...

love having you back.

Anonymous said...

Can I be your next project?

Unknown said...

Please come back

Anonymous said...

Please come back

Anonymous said...

Please post - it's been 6 months!

whyguys said...

Sublime! Please more scenarios of males entangled in the net of Females such as Michelle who exert their will over the inferior male sex. Even better would be seeing haughty so-called 'macho' males false masculinity broken under Women teaching them they are the ones who are the 'weaker sex'!

Anonymous said...

I will cry on your shoulder if you help me like that too.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this scenario!

Tayphad said...

I liked the story. It actually is in line with the trending feminization of men going on right now.