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Feminine fantasies through TG Captions
Every boy wonders about being a girl
The genre of TG captions, short for Transgender Captions, is a growing trend on the Internet. In its most basic form a TG Caption is a photograph with an attached caption that suggests the woman featured in the picture is in fact a man.
The male fantasy of being a woman
Many men have a fantasy of experiencing the world around them as a woman. These men adore women and everything about a woman's world and it is this appreciation that drives their desire to cross the boundary from merely observing girls to actually being one. It is easy to understand where the fascination with femininity comes from; ladies fashion and accessories is a never-ending parade of style that enables women to express every mood. What's more, it is all such good fun. By comparison male fashion is a boring batch of repeated ideas with little variation.
It's a woman's world
The feminine privilege
Feminizing lingerie
For women, being sexy is a privilege that can be as easy to achieve as a short dress, a tight top, or a pair of shorts. As for underwear, there is no male equivalent to sexy lingerie.
It is therefore understandable why so many men give in to their envy of the feminine and seek ways to express their girlishness. TG Captions are all about achieving that feminine dream, of being feminized to perfection, of knowing what it feels like to be a girl, to experience a woman's world.