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Saturday, June 02, 2012

A sissyboy all tied up

Eric was caught wearing the cheerleader outfit
The girls had Eric all tied up.
Karen looked at the text message that had just arrived from her room mate Marilin and scratched her head. The message simply said:
"Package waiting for you at home. DON'T OPEN TILL I GET THERE! :-)"
She couldn't imagine what the package could be as she wasn't expecting any orders from online shopping. She tried calling Marilin but she wasn't answering her phone.
At last it was time to go home at the end of her work day and Karen was curious to see what the package was.
She opened her front door and let herself in then went into the salon where she found her boyfriend, Eric, wearing her cheerleading outfit and bound with rope from head to foot.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feminized beyond all recall

Greg's body was now that of a woman, and there was no going back.
Greg's body was irreversibly feminine
Greg sank to the floor as his knees gave out beneath him. He tried to make sense of what the nurse had just told him but his mind  couldn't accept it.
He had woken up in a  bed wearing a hospital gown. His whole body felt different and he had no idea where he was. He struggled to get out of the bed and as he did a nurse came into the room.
"Where am I?" Greg asked as he tried to stand up next to the bed.
"Take it easy Greta," the nurse said. "You've been asleep for a long time."
"What happened?" Greg asked and he could feel the panic rising in him. His voice sounded strange, softer, more feminine. Then he noticed that his hair was long and reached to his shoulders.
"You've been feminized," the nurse said brightly as she fussed about him straightening up his robe and pushing his hair away from his face. "You remember, you were sentenced."

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pole dancing girlyboy

Pole dancing tranny
The girls accepted David into the pole dancing class
David was incredibly nervous as he walked up the street towards the dance center. He knew he could pass well enough just walking down the street but would he be good enough to pass a more stringent test.
Earlier in the day he had called the Pussydolls dance center to inquire about pole dancing lessons. He had always admired pole dancing and was envious of the sexy moves that the girls made as they slid up and down the pole. He had been a dedicated crossdresser for many years and often went out dressed as Debbie. But what he really wanted was to join a truly female activity and pole dancing was where his heart lay.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Telling him to wear panties

Janice made him wear the pink panties
Janice told her husband to wear the panties
When Janice held up the skimpy little pink panties Greg felt his heart sink.
"I'm not wearing those!" he protested.
"Oh yes you are," Janice said enjoying the her husband's embarrassment at what she was proposing. "You agreed to be play this game and you lost the draw. As agreed, that means you have to do whatever I ask and I'm asking you to put on these panties."
Greg tried to think of a way out but he couldn't. He took a deep breath and slid the panties up his leg quivering as he felt the soft material encase him. Each moment that passed he could feel his masculinity slipping away. He knew he looked ridiculous. How would he ever be the man in the house now that his wife had seen him in panties?
Janice watched her her husband with satisfaction. She could see him wilting before her eyes. Now that she had in panties she had him in her control forever. She knew it and she could see he knew it too...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saying it with panties

Buying him panties
Buying him panties is true love
Letting him wear women's underwear is caring.
Encouraging him to wear girly undies is love.
Going out to buy him frilly pink panties is true love...