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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feminized beyond all recall

Greg's body was now that of a woman, and there was no going back.
Greg's body was irreversibly feminine
Greg sank to the floor as his knees gave out beneath him. He tried to make sense of what the nurse had just told him but his mind  couldn't accept it.
He had woken up in a  bed wearing a hospital gown. His whole body felt different and he had no idea where he was. He struggled to get out of the bed and as he did a nurse came into the room.
"Where am I?" Greg asked as he tried to stand up next to the bed.
"Take it easy Greta," the nurse said. "You've been asleep for a long time."
"What happened?" Greg asked and he could feel the panic rising in him. His voice sounded strange, softer, more feminine. Then he noticed that his hair was long and reached to his shoulders.
"You've been feminized," the nurse said brightly as she fussed about him straightening up his robe and pushing his hair away from his face. "You remember, you were sentenced."

Greg stared at the nurse with his eyes bulging. He felt like he was in a dream. Then slowly, slowly, the memories came back. His years spent terrorizing his neighborhood with petty crime, his indecent behavior towards women, his multiple arrests, and then his sentencing to forced feminization. That was where his memory ended. He could recall the trial, how he scoffed at the female judge when she told him how he would pay for his crimes, how he had laughed at her and said no one could make a girl out of him. Beyond that, he could recall nothing, and now here he was in some kind of clinic.
He ran his hands over his face and there was no beard growth. He gasped as his hands traveled down to the perky round breasts that now adorned his chest.
"Oh yes, you've responded very well to the treatment," the nurse said. "You are quite the young lady now."
Greg could take no more. His legs gave way and he slumped to the floor. He held his head in his hands, his long hair flowing around them, draping over his soft, shapely legs.
The hair, he knew could be  cut short, the breasts removed. His smooth, soft, feminine, hairless skin would look okay if he worked out and the roundness of hips he could disguise beneath buffed muscles. But nothing could ever replace or make up for the terrible emptiness he could feel between his legs. Greg sobbed uncontrollably as he realized that his masculinity had been taken away, and now he would be a girl forever...


jellybean said...

How many times have I dreamed of this happening to me.
Over the years I have made up fantasies that had the same ending, I would be a woman!!

I even had fantasies about becoming pregnant and having a baby.

The story here is great, I'm sure that once he gets the chance to "be himself" he will love being a woman.

Joanna said...

This is wonderful. Exceptionally fitting for the title of your blog. But you knew this or you wouldn't have written it.

I love it, in case it wasn't obvious. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's only fiction. Maybe if real-life rapists and molesters had to to be "reformed " like the person in the story-caption, there might be less assaults against women and girls. Of course we could leave them their memory of who he used to be ; maybe brain-scrub their mind. Nice caption.

Anonymous said...