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Friday, May 25, 2012

Pole dancing girlyboy

Pole dancing tranny
The girls accepted David into the pole dancing class
David was incredibly nervous as he walked up the street towards the dance center. He knew he could pass well enough just walking down the street but would he be good enough to pass a more stringent test.
Earlier in the day he had called the Pussydolls dance center to inquire about pole dancing lessons. He had always admired pole dancing and was envious of the sexy moves that the girls made as they slid up and down the pole. He had been a dedicated crossdresser for many years and often went out dressed as Debbie. But what he really wanted was to join a truly female activity and pole dancing was where his heart lay.

When he called the dance center he spoke to a woman called Tasha and explained to her that he was interested in taking dance lessons. She was very enthusiastic and although his voice sounded very feminine he knew he had to tell her that underneath his skirt and panties he was male. There was a pause as Tasha considered things and then she suggested that David come along and she and the other instructor Lilly, would decide if he could join the class.
David took his time preparing his make up that evening and did his best to get things just right. He wondered what he should wear to meet the ladies and eventually decided on a pink strapless top with black spandex yoga pants. With his long brunette wig on his head, he was Debbie.
As he walked to the center he felt the admiring glances of the men he passed in the street, but would he be good enough for the girls?
He walked in through the doors and followed the signs to the dance studio. He could hear music pumping inside and the laughter of several women. There was a sign next the door asking visitors to take off their shoes and he slid his heeled sandals from his feet. For a moment he nearly fled but at last he pushed into the studio. Several women were practicing dance moves on some poles and David dared not look at the sexy outfits they were wearing.
There were two women sitting near the door he looked up at him as he came in. David walked over and introduced himself.
"Hi, I'm Debbie," he said, "I mean, er, David."
One of the women looked for a moment and then her face brightened up.
"Oh, you must be David," she said. "I'm Tasha, and this is Lilly."
She shook hands with David and then turned to Lilly.
"Lilly, this is David. He is a tranny and he wants to learn to dance with the girls. What do you think, is he girly enough?"
David blushed at being announced like that to Lilly but before he could do anything she gave a big smile.
"I think he looks just fine. Why don't you join our class for today?"
Then Lilly stood up and called for the attention of the other women in the room. Within a few moments David was the center of attention of several sexy girls wearing skimpy tops and very short hotpants.
"This is David," Lilly said. "He will be joining our class but just treat him as one of the girls."
The girls all gave a little giggle but then to his relief they invited him to join them for some warm up exercises. Before long he really was just one of the girls...


Anonymous said...

Nice that he told the truth, it's right to be honest when you can, and you get better advice too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd like to see that with hotpants too.