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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Telling him to wear panties

Janice made him wear the pink panties
Janice told her husband to wear the panties
When Janice held up the skimpy little pink panties Greg felt his heart sink.
"I'm not wearing those!" he protested.
"Oh yes you are," Janice said enjoying the her husband's embarrassment at what she was proposing. "You agreed to be play this game and you lost the draw. As agreed, that means you have to do whatever I ask and I'm asking you to put on these panties."
Greg tried to think of a way out but he couldn't. He took a deep breath and slid the panties up his leg quivering as he felt the soft material encase him. Each moment that passed he could feel his masculinity slipping away. He knew he looked ridiculous. How would he ever be the man in the house now that his wife had seen him in panties?
Janice watched her her husband with satisfaction. She could see him wilting before her eyes. Now that she had in panties she had him in her control forever. She knew it and she could see he knew it too...


jellybean said...

That is so sweet. He will love becoming her submissive and doing all of the chores around the house and doing everything she tells him to do.

His life is becoming new, but VERY exciting.

Anonymous said...

Especially when he started tenting them beyond belief! :)

Anonymous said...

Newly married my Mom came to stay with me and my bride. Getting quite tipsy one night she told Patricia, my wife about how her "little sissy son" would play dress up in Mommy's nylons, panties and slips. She even said that "had I been a girl I would have been named Monica-Anne." After Mom left my wife started calling me 'Monica-Anne' and slipped a pair of really cute pink panties on me one night while we were in bed. Now she treats me more like here little sister than husband, and I feel my masculinity slipping away. But OMG I love it! Especially when she makes me wear frilly tennis panties under my uniform!

Missy Marine

Anonymous said...

once a guy is in panties,,there is no looking back

I wish I was a girl

LoveTGcaptions said...

Look at the practical side, sweetie. Think of all the dresser drawer space we'll save by not having to keep separate underwear drawers.

I've told your cute little secretary Marge - yeah, I know you've had a secret crush on her - to check you at multiple random times everyday at work to make sure you haven't tried to go back to men's underwear. Let's see how macho she thinks you are now.

Anonymous said...

Girls, I love it!" especially when he get's a panty line?" hee, hee, " sweet" Sherry M.

Anonymous said...

That's not fair on him.

Anonymous said...

The great thing about guys wearing panties The VPL Visable panty line " Sweet" Kimberly.

whyguys said...

Oh... here it is only a year or so later and Janice has the other Female executives and interested women over 2-3 evenings a week to discuss at Her Feminist meetings.

They so ADORE seeing what can be MAID of a once overly 'macho' husband, fiancée or boyfriend, who can be trained to serve, always and entirely dressed in the demeaning and restrictive 'feminine' attire males once demanded of the Female.

Yes, Janice's little male 'wifette' Gwendolyn is embarrassed and cries himself to sleep every night... but he knows his place and would NEVER DARE to complain or rebel.

Anonymous said...

playing dressup with my wife is the most erotic thing ever its way worth becomeing the little house wife.She makes me feel so good it makes me want to do anything she ask just to show how thankful i am.

Anonymous said...

It took me several months to get my husband into panties. Once I did there was no turning back. He has to wear panties every day bi pick them out for him every morning. I take him shopping for panties and hold them up against him for clerks to see who they're for