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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saying it with panties

Buying him panties
Buying him panties is true love
Letting him wear women's underwear is caring.
Encouraging him to wear girly undies is love.
Going out to buy him frilly pink panties is true love...


Tina said...

This is a great truth and I envy the girls who have this kind of true love. I do have a true love, but she does not approve of panties for me - I have bought my own.

Anonymous said...

I would love it if my wife bought me some panties and sexy lingerie, as well as some lacy slips.

Anonymous said...

My wife has let me wear boyshorts panties and she gave me some of old spandex shape wear to go under my male clothes I am also shaving everything but my arms and legs . Started taking herb for prostate and now have sensitive nipples. What is next. I am also doing most of the cooking and some of the house cleaning .the herb and excess icing has caused 25 lb weight lose.

Anonymous said...

My wife caught me wearing her panties. She took a piicture, for blackmail use if needed, and told me the only item of female apparel I was allowed to wear was a filly apron, all day long.
Since we are both retired, my wife decided that I would be called Mimi, and would do al of the housework for six months.
I had no choice; I answered "Yes, Ma'am, I am Mimi the maid.
I've been Mimi for two months now, and my wife loves having a maid.
When her friends drop by, she tells them, and I have served as maid at her bridge parties.
The ladies all enjoy my predicament.

slave sissy gurly said...

girls! so so love the humiliation and so so lovely panties