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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sissy spanked in panties

Spanked for wearing his cousin's panties
Sean's cousin watched in delight has his aunt spanked him for wearing panties
It all happened in the blink of an eye. One moment Sean was standing in front of the mirror enjoying the sheer pleasure of wearing his cousin Alice's clothes the next she was in the doorway shrieking at him. He couldn't even make out the words she was saying his mind was so numbed. A few moments later he heard his aunt Caroline calling up to them to find out what the fuss was all about.
"Please don't say anything," Sean whimpered.
"Sean is wearing my clothes!" shouted Alice as she backed out of the room and Sean knew he was done for.

It had all seemed to go so well at first. He was staying with his aunt and cousin for the afternoon and they had gone out to do some shopping leaving him alone. Sean wasted no time in exploring Alice's bedroom and was soon prancing around in her panties and bras. Then he began trying on some of her other clothes and found a light blue mini-dress that he particularly liked. To his delight he found a matching pair of blue striped panties and soon had them on. He was in front of the mirror admiring himself when Alice surprised him by walking in.
Now the two cousins stood facing each other, both wearing dresses, she in pink and he in blue.
"Sean is wearing what?" asked Aunt Caroline in a bored, uninterested voice. "I don't have time for this now dear, just tell Sean to come down for dinner."
By now Alice had recovered her composure and was observing her quivering feminized cousin with a cool eye.
"Well," she said with an evil grin. "You heard, time to do downstairs for dinner."
"I'll just get changed," Sean tried hopefully.
"Get down the stairs right now the way your are or I'll have her come up here."
Sean faltered but when Alice called to her mother again he began his walk of shame. Each step down brought further fear and shame to his heart and by the time he reached the bottom his face was glowing.
"Keep going sissy-boy," hissed Alice.
Sean swallowed hard and walked into the living room. Aunt Caroline was laying things out on the table and had her back to them when they came in.
"Here we are," Alice said.
"Oh good," Aunt Caroline said still busy with the table. "I hope you had a nice afternoon and found something to amuse yourself Sean."
"Oh sissy Sean found something to do all right," Alice said nastily.
"Really Alice don't be so rude," Aunt Caroline said turning round to admonish her daughter but her voice trailed off as she caught sight of Sean.
"What on earth are you doing like that Sean" Aunt Caroline said in astonishment.
"The little sissy was trying on my clothes," Alice injected.
Aunt Caroline's face changed from amazement to looking very stern.
"Is this true?" she demanded of her terrified nephew.
"Yes Aunt Caroline," Sean managed looking down at the floor unable to meet her eyes.
For a moment no one said a word.
"Well that makes you a naughty boy and in this house we have ways of dealing with naughty boys," Aunt Caroline said fiercely. "And girls for that matter."
Before Sean could protest she grabbed him by the wrist, sat down on a chair and bent him across her knee. With a swift motion she pulled up the hem of his dress revealing the blue frilly panties underneath.
"He's even wearing my panties!" Alice complained.
"So I see," Aunt Caroline agreed. "We'll soon see about that."
With no further ado she began to spank his bottom. If Sean had been humiliated before he was utterly crushed now. To be spanked in panties while his cousin watched was unbearable.
"The panties are getting in the way," Alice advised her mother. "They are cushioning his cheeks."
"Quite so," Aunt Caroline said and proceeded to pull the panties up into place so that they exposed more of his bottom. Sean wished he had chosen some midi undies to wear instead of the Brazilian cut panties that would offer no protection at all.
With the panties in place Aunt Caroline continued with the spanking while Alice watched giggling and giving encouragement. The shame and the sting of each smack brought tears to Sean's eyes and he was soon sobbing pitifully. Then Aunt Caroline shocked him further by inviting Alice to have a go too.
"After all," she said now chuckling along with her daughter, "it is your clothes he is wearing.
Alice was only too happy to oblige and Sean now found himself being spanked by his younger cousin.
Finally Aunt Caroline called an end to the proceedings but if Sean thought that he was free to go he was in for a shock.

"You can stay like that wearing those clothes for the rest of the afternoon," she said. "If you are a good girl you can have you own clothes back before you go..."


juliana75 said...

hihi, that's a nice story! thx

Anonymous said...

you should make a part 2 of this having the nephew being forced to become a niece.

Diana Copperfield said...

Agreeing with Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Later that evening two girlfriends of Alice are coming by and Alice spanked his cousin in front of them.