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Friday, May 18, 2012

The new girls deal with a calamity

Two boys become two girls
Steven and Jason soon got used to their new bodies
It all happened in a flash. One moment Steven and Jason had been chatting to the two pretty girls and then the world had swirled and twirled around making them both giddy. The sank down on to the edge of the sidewalk until their heads had cleared. When they finally felt steady again they discovered that they had switched bodies with the two girls. Steven was now a brunette in a strapless top and mini-skirt and Jason was a pony-tailed blonde in sexy denim shorts.
"What happened!" Steven cried out as he looked at his smooth legs and felt the weigh of his new chest. "They've taken out bodies!"
"Yeah," Jason said.
Steven looked around him. He still didn't feel steady enough to stand up and he couldn't see his the girls in the stolen bodies anywhere. He felt very exposed in the skimpy clothes he was wearing.
"We've go to find them," Steven said. He tugged at his skirt and flicked his hair from his face. "I wonder where they are."
"Uh-huh," Jason said.
Steven looked around him again. He noticed a clothes shop on the other side of the road that had a sale on leggings and there was some nice jewelry in the shop next door. He sighed to himself and tried to stay focused.
"Maybe we can go to the police," he said and noticed a man standing in front of him and Jason staring straight up their skirts. With a jolt Steven realized that both he and Jason were sitting with their legs open like a man, exposing their panties to the world. He nudged Jason and the both quickly but their bags between their legs to block the view.
"What do you think?" Steven said. His heart was still fluttering at the thought of the man leering at him and he couldn't remember now what it was that he had been saying. Then it came back to him. The girls had switched bodies with them.
"I think I chipped a nail," Jason said studying his hands.
For a moment Steven frowned confused then his new instincts took over and he looked at Jason's hand.
"That's a shame," he said. "Never mind, we'll deal with it later. What would you like to do?
"Mmmm, let's check out that sale," Jason said. "I could do with another pair of leggings and then maybe we'll go for a fruit shake."
The two girls got up and walked off, enjoying the admiring looks they got from the men around them...

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