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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Forced feminization by the girls

The girls feminize Martin while he sleeps
It had been a great party at the sorority house and Martin had drunk too much. When he woke up the next morning he was wearing a bright red frilly top, a red miniskirt. There were earrings in his ears and he had make up on his face. Yet even that wasn't the worst of it.

Martin finally came around to find himself lying on the couch in the sorority house. His head didn't hurt as much as he expected it to but that wasn't his concern right now. It was the long black haired wig that was stuck to his head and the girl's clothes he was wearing. When he fell asleep the girls had taken the opportunity to shave his entire body and then dress him up as a girl. He tried to pull off the wig but it seemed to be glued to his head.
He stumbled into the kitchen where three girls sitting around having coffee.
"Where are my clothes?" he growled.
"That's not very polite for a sissy boy now is it?" said one of the girls sweetly and the other two burst out laughing.
"Just give me my clothes back now," he demanded but the girls only laughed harder. More girls were coming into the kitchen now and the word was getting around that the sissy had woken up. Martin had to get out. If he could just get the wig off it would be a start. He gave a hard tug and nearly tore his scalp off. The girls couldn't stop laughing.
"It's superglue Honey," said a buxom blond girl. "I'd just leave it till it wears off."
"How long will that take?"
"About three weeks. But you can come by here everyday for a free makeover if you like...."


Linda Marie Daniels said...

Fun cap and really good use of the picture.

Anonymous said...

ofcourse she does go back for those make overs

Michael Simcock said...

And everytime when the time is right they put more glue on it so it lasts even longer.

Michael Simcock said...

And each time the glue wears off the girls adds more