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Friday, January 28, 2011

Wearing panties for the first time

Calvin's tries on his sister's panties
Calvin wears panties for the first time
For  years Calvin had been toying with the idea of wearing girl's clothes. He was fascinated by the way they looked, by the feel of the fabrics, and the feminine look they gave. Most of all he loved panties, but he had never had the courage to try on any of his sister's clothes. Today all that was going to change. Today he was going to find out if girls' clothes were really as good as they looked.

Calvin didn't think of himself as a cross-dresser because he had never actually worn any woman's clothes but he was fascinated with ladies' fashion. He had always looked on in envy at the pretty frocks that his sister could wear, the flowing skirts and colorful socks, the smooth and soft blouses. Often he would go to the laundry room to examine some of her clothes, enjoying the sensations of the different fabrics between his fingers. He especially liked her panties, the bright colors and patterns, the softness of the cloth, the delicateness of the lace trimmings. He had never dared to try any on but he could resist no longer. He took off his clothes and headed for his sister's room. Even though there was no one else at home he tiptoed silently to her door and opened it as quietly as possible. He had been in her room many times before but now he could feel every aspect of the room, from the girlishness of the decorations to the faint scent of perfume. His skin prickled as he went to her chest of drawers and opened the top drawer. It was full of clean fresh panties and Calvin took a few moments to run his fingers through the mass of colors. Then he pulled out a pair of white cotton panties with a delicate lace trim around the waist and legs. Although there were other more colorful panties in the drawer there was something so basic about this pair that he knew they should be his first.
A cross-dresser is born
Wobbling slightly with excitement as he stood on one foot, Calvin pulled on the panties, one leg after the other. Even as they slid up his legs he could feel the world of difference between these soft delicate underthings and his own underwear. He pulled the panties all the way up and they fit snugly in place. The cozy warmth of the panties seemed to spread out through his whole body and he felt a wave of femininity wash over him. He could never have believed that a simple pair of panties would feel this good. Calvin stood there for several long minutes with his eyes shut enjoying the knew sensations and the emotions running through his mind. Right there and then he knew that his life was changed. His future was in woman's clothing, starting with panties...

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Steffie said...

This is a delightful story. It could only have been written by someone who remembers that first decision to start to leave "homme" behind and move on cautiously but excitedly to "femme".

This is exactly how it was for me. Except the panties were pink! The little expressions of "just how it felt" takes me back all those years. The story is a good definition of the simple word "nice". I am so happy to have found this blog.