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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Forced feminization to make a husband understand

Sandra decided to feminize her husband to make him understand her
It can only be good for him
Forced feminization of a husbandHarry always kept a tight reign on his wife Sandra when it came to buying things for herself. He claimed that they couldn't afford to buy her new clothes all the time. Then Sandra found out that Harry had cheated on his tax payments in order to fund his gambling habit. Now that she is controlling the money there is cash for new feminine clothes for her, and for him.
For years Sandra had been forced to wear the same fashion several years in a row. Once she took control of the family finances she found she could afford all the new clothes she ever wanted. She decided that her husband should learn just how good it was to wear a new dress in order to better understand how she had suffered without them.
Harry had little choice but to comply. He knew his wife wouldn't hesitate to turn him in after the way he had lied to her. At first he thought she was just going on a shopping spree for herself but then she made clear she intended to have her revenge by force feminization of her husband.
She ordered him to take off his clothes and then began shaving his body.
Harry tried to protest but one look from Sandra shut him up. When she had finished working on him she gave him a pair of her panties to put on. The panties were white with a green and blue flowery pattern.
"I'm not wearing those," Harry objected but Sandra was in no mood to negotiate.
"You need to learn more about what a woman needs," she said sharply and then watched him with her arms folded as he pulled the panties on. The panties were much smoother and more comfortable than Harry expected but he didn't dare tell Sandra that. Next she made him wear a bra and then gave him a pink knee-length dress to wear. With a long-haired wig and some make-up he looked quite feminine.
"Right, we are going shopping Harriet," she said as she handed him a pair of black high-heeled sandals to wear.
"I'm not going out like this!" Harry wailed.
Sandra didn't even pause as she walked to the door.
"Okay, I'll just stop by the police on my way to the mall," she said.
Harry cringed but there was nothing he could do. He put on the heels and tried to follow his wife but immediately stumbled unable to keep his balance in the shoes.
"Come on Harriet, do try and keep up," Sandra said sternly, "we will be late. I want to get some shopping done before I meet Mindy later on. You can come with as well. And do try and walk like a lady instead of the clumsy man you used to be."


sonia said...

Wooow thats great.I wish I could have a spouse like that.

Marie-Christine said...

A very nice fantasy. I wish I could be her man for a week and to be forced to wear all of her worn feminine clothing when she buy new one.

Anonymous said...

Love to imagine the epilologue to this:

Now Sandra with total control of the family finances, routinely shops for fashionable attire anytime She pleases, bringing Her submissively feminized little male WIFE, Halley along on trips introducing 'HER' to all the smirking Female sales personel informing them of Halley's PREVIOUS male status... of course fitting 'HER' with the MOST FEMININE outfits available from only the REDUCED RACKS to model for them.

Anonymous said...

When my girlfriend, Holly, caught me wearing her panties she took a picture and locked it up.
There is only one item of women's clothes that you are allowed to wear; a pretty, frilly apron she said.
For the next six months, you'll wear a pretty apron all day. While so dressed, your name is Mimi, and you are my full time maid.
Well, that was 3 months ago. With Holly's training, I have become quite proficient at my chores.
On occasion, Holly has invited some of her girlfriends over, to be served by me.
The girls all love teasing me, and some have asked Holly if they could borrow me to serve at parties. Holly readily agreed, and I have been the maid for five of her friends.
Holly says that since I'm such a good maid, she may hire me for another six months.

Anonymous said...

i dress my husband in panties every day and often in panty hose. At home he wears a short dress. I have not taken him out like that, but several of my friends have been over while he makes lunch for us. They're turned on by him in skirts.
I do make him go to the doctor, a woman, wearing panties.

Anonymous said...

my wife forced me to become a woman we look much alike, but i am prettier than her...i love being a woman now and we spend 24/7 together as gal pals and running our architectural business from home

Kevin (Krysten) G. said...

Sooo hot...i found a potent supplement thst femmed me in under 2 weeks...i call it "melting" into a woman...its soo hot...theres nothing like total surrender...