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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TG caption quickie: Schoolgirl feminization

Feminized by the girls as punishment
Eric's sister and her friends make some feminizing changes
Feminized schoolgirlEric thought that he was being very clever by reading his sister's diary when she was out. He had no idea that Karen knew about his antics and intended to get her revenge. She brought her friends Tracy and Simone over to show Eric a 'magic trick' involving a disappearing necklace. The girls instructed Eric to watch the necklace very carefully as Tracy swung it back and forth before his eyes. Within a minute she had him completely hypnotized and under her command.
"What shall we do with him?" Simone asked as she stared at Eric who was sitting in his chair and staring straight ahead without seeing a thing.
"I'm going to teach him to go through my things," Karen said with a grim look on her face. Then she told the girls her plan.
Two hours later Simone, Tracy, and Karen settled themselves down in the living room to admire their work. Karen set up her video cam and turned it on as her brother came in.
Eric was dressed from head to toe as a cute schoolgirl with a blonde wig and white panties to complete his feminization.
"What's your name cutie," giggled Simone.
"My name is Erika," Eric said in a girly voice.
The girls clapped and laughed at the poor boy.
"Do you like being a girl or a boy," Karen asked knowing full well what her brother had been programmed to say.
"I like being a girl," Eric said and he jumped up and down a couple of times. His short skirt bounced up and down revealing his pretty underthings with each bounce.
"And what do you like to do?" Tracy asked.
"I like to wear pretty clothes and be a good girl," squealed Eric as Karen continued filming.
"And what would you like to do now? Karen asked.
Eric thought long and hard.
" I want to go to the mall to get an ice-cream," he said.
"Well, off you go then," Karen said filming her brother as he headed for the door...


Anonymous said...

Wow! You're such a great storyteller. Another wonderful job.

Tommi said...

ooh so cute! so shameful!

Anonymous said...

So wonderfully told. the shame of it - great

Ensio Olut said...

Very nice schoolboy!