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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Forced feminization makes a maid of a husband

Kevin's forced feminization moves up a level
He is well on the way to being a she
Forced feminization while doing the houseworkKevin heard his wife's heels clicking along the path to the front door. He turned off the vacuum cleaner he was using to listen better. He heard Alison open the front door and a moment later his stomach churned when he realized she wasn't alone. Two of her friends, Tracy and Mel were with her. Kevin felt his cheeks flush and his stomach churned. He took a deep breath and then waited for the inevitable. The three women chatted as they came towards the living room where he was standing fully feminized in a maid's uniform as he vacuumed the carpet.
Alison was casually telling the other two women about the latest saga with her boss at work as she opened the door and marched into the living room.
Kevin saw the shocked and surprised look on the faces of Tracy and Mel as the caught sight of him.
"Hello dear, I brought the girls over for a chat, are you finished in here?" Alison said as though there was nothing wrong.
"Er, should we come back later?" Mel asked politely but she couldn't take her eyes off Kevin's uniform. He was wearing a very short black maid's costume with white frills on the skirt and a small frilly apron. He had black stockings over his shaved legs and five-inch black heels. On his head he was wearing a long black wig with a frilly maid's cap. All in all he looked like a perfectly sexy maid.
"No, that's okay, Kevin will serve us some drinks," Alison said with confidence. She could see the puzzled look on the other women's faces.
"Perhaps I should explain," Alison said. "My husband has been out of work for six months and I was fed up with him just lying around all day doing nothing. So gave him an ultimatum: Either he becomes my housemaid or he can find his own place to live. So far things are working out quite well although he still needs some training to improve his cleaning skills, don't you dear?"
"Yes, Alison," Kevin mumbled. He could feel his face turning bright red. It was true he had agreed to the forced feminization and be Alison's maid but she had never brought anyone home to see him before. He secretly found both Mel and Tracy attractive and today was no exception. Tracy, a good-looking blonde woman was wearing a fitted light purple pant-suit and really showed off her figure and Mel was wearing a tight green top with black leggings. He could see both women were trying not to laugh and that just increased his embarrassment.
Forced feminization makes a maid of a husband"Does he wear that uniform all the time?" Mel asked.
"Only when he is doing housework although I keep him in panties all the time," Alison said. "Show the girls your panties Kevin."
Kevin lifted the front of his uniform to show the black lacy panties he was wearing.
"Ooooh, very nice," Mel said as though she really meant it but her laughing eyes told a different story.
"Very pretty," was all Tracy could say without bursting out with laughter.
"Right dear, you go off and make some drinks for us, you can finish the floor later," Alison ordered him.
As Kevin left the room he heard the giggles and frantic whispering from Mel and Tracy as they asked Alison for more details. Alison however, was not in the least ashamed.
"Oh yes, if you are going to use forced feminization on a man you might as well go all the way," she said. "So he really does where panties all the time even when he leaves the house."
"Can I borrow him to clean my place?" Tracy asked.
"It would be my pleasure, I send him over tomorrow," Alison promised.
"Will he wear his uniform," Tracy giggled.
"Of course, it's all part of the fun..."


Mike said...

Very good. One of my fantasies.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant - I only wish it were me!!

Chrisissy said...

Sissy Maid available for service!

moueez_96 said...

i wish it was me can u make me into a girl a sexy one

Marie-Christine said...

Very nice fantasy. I wish I would work for Alison too.

Anonymous said...

My new femdom gf would definitely do this to me. She is AMAZINGLY!