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Friday, March 05, 2010

Forced feminized to learn a lesson

The guys become girls to learn an important lesson they won't forget
Forced feminized to be schoolgirlsJim, Bret, and Stephen thought it would be a great prank to break into the girls' sorority and see what they could find to have fun with. The climbed in through a downstairs window and went up to the bedrooms. There were still having fun pulling the girls lingerie out when the tables were turned.
The boys' mission to invade the sorority house privacy and explore the girls' rooms had been going fun. They timed their entry for a period during the afternoon when they knew all the girls should be out. After making their entry they headed up stairs and immediately started going through all of the drawers and cupboards. There were delighted at the selection on lingerie that they found and had a lot of fun laughing at the different sizes of bras they discovered. The were still having fun when a few girls came back to the sorority house. Their lessons had been cancelled so they came home early. The boys didn't even hear the girls come in, but the girls heard them laughing and joking up in the rooms. Guessing what as going on they made a few quick calls to rest of their sorority and before long there was a whole host of angry women gathered in the lobby including all of the members of the women's wrestling team.
They charged up the stairs and burst into the bedroom where the boys were holding up bras and panties and giggling to each other. They tried to struggle but were no match for the girls who quickly overpowered them.
"What are we going to do with them?" asked Stacy, as she sat on Jim's chest.
"It seems to me they need to be taught some basic manners," said Rachel, and this produced a roar of approval from the rest of the girls. "They need to go back to school and learn their lessons again. And I know just how to do it..."
With the boys safely tied up the girls began a scavenger hunt of their own clothes to find what they were looking for. Before long they had everything they needed and went back to the boys to tell them their fate.
"Because you clearly are still immature youngsters who need to learn some lessons in manners we are sending you back to school," Rachel said with smirk. "By the time we have finished with you you will be perfect little schoolgirls."
This got another roar of approval from the girls who then pounced on their captives. The stripped them down, shaved them, and then dressed them in the collection of school uniforms that the girls had found from their Halloween costumes. They were very through. Each boy was completely feminized including white panties and a bra. Then they plucked their eyebrows, made up their faces, and placed wigs on their heads. By the time they had finished the boys really did look like schoolgirls.
"First you must be punished for you bad behavior and we all know how little girls are punished, don't we," Stacy said.
"A good spanking on their bottoms!' shouted all the girls.
For the next hour the girls took turn to bend the boys over, lift up their skirts and spank them on the bottom. Finally they grew tired and it was time for their education to start.
"Now, your first lesson is repeat 'I will be a good girl' one hundred times," Rachel said.
The boys had no choice but to chant 'I will be a good girl' one hundred times will the girls giggled and laughed till they could hardly breathe.
After that came more lessons, and each lesson the boys had to repeat one hundred times. They learned that they must 'act like a lady', that they must always 'wear clean panties like a good girl', and 'not to talk to boys'.
At last it was getting late in the evening.
"We had better drop these girls off at their frat house," Rachel said. "After all, it isn't safe for young girls to be out this late at night."
This drew more approval from the girls but the boys were terrified at the thought of being paraded in public by the girls in their feminized state.
"Please don't do that," they pleaded but the girls weren't to be persuaded so easily.
"Beg," commanded Stacy.
They boys had no choice. They got down on the knees in front of the girls and begged not to be further humiliated.
"Show us your panties pretty boys," Rachel ordered.
The boys obediently lifted up the front of their skirts and this was met with a series of catcalls, teasing, and humiliating comments from the girls.
"Well, what should we do?" Rachel asked. "They have been such obedient sissy boys."
"We should keep our word and not take them to the frat house," Stacy said.
"But what are we going to do with them?" Rachel said.
"Oh, we'll just dump them outside instead," Stacy replied with an evil grin. "They can walk home like that."
And dump them outside they did. Just as the cheerleading squad came by after an evening practice...


Anonymous said...

I and I'll bet a lot of others, wish I had been feminized when I was young. Of course, it wouldn't have been punishment because I would have sooo loved it.

Anonymous said...

I love it so, so, much, I might do this too my panty waisted boyfriend with the help of my girlfriends!" Can't wait?" Jennifer A.

Anonymous said...

What happen to the shoes?" I would make them wear " Mary- Janes!" so,so pretty you " Sissy bitches" hee, hee, Kaley C. I'm a real girl!"