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Friday, January 29, 2010

Feminized at work

A new pair of panties gets Anthony in trouble
Sally recognizes Anthony from the lingerie shopAnthony was delighted when he received a phone call telling him had been accepted at a new place of work. He was so pleased that he decided to treat himself to his favorite personal treat; a new pair of panties.

When he applied for the job as an office assistant at an office in town Anthony had now idea what to expect. He couldn't believe his eyes when he arrived for the interview and discovered the office was staffed only with women. The boss, Mrs Trent, was very business-like and explained that she only employed women usually but that they needed someone urgently and that was why she was prepared to give him a trial as long as he didn't mind working in an all-female environment. Usually, all the women who worked at the office were required to wear business suits or smart attire but Anthony would be spared wearing a skirt as long as he wore a suit. Anthony reassured her that he didn't mind at all but little did she know he was quite looking forward to it because Anthony had a secret. He liked wearing panties under his clothes. Something about the smooth feel of the delicate panties made him feel warm and cosy and so he always wore them. He would often treat himself to a new pair of panties to cheer himself up or celebrate good news. When he heard he had got the job he headed straight out to a lingerie shop to buy himself a pair. The two women who worked in the shop seemed a little cautious when he came in but when he explained in his best sissy voice that he was buying for himself they were quite helpful. To his delight a young blonde girl came into the shop while he was discussing some frilly cotton panties with the assistants and she soon became involved in helping him choose something 'nice and girly'. He finally settled on three pairs of cotton panties with a frilly waistband and legs, one on pale blue, one in yellow, and one white pair with pink strawberries on them. He would wear them the next day for work.
The next day Anthony marched to the office in his grey business suit ready to introduce himself to all the women working there. What could be better than spending all day with five good-looking women? Even Mrs Trent was quite attractive in a domineering sort of way.
Feminized at workHe arrived on time and looked through the glass door into the lobby. He wasn't disappointed. There were three girls there all ready chatting in the office among themselves. The first girl was dark and wearing a white top and a very short skirt that showed off her long legs. The second girl, with her back to him wore a tight black sexy shorts that made the most of her legs and bottom. She was busy explaining something to the third girl, another blonde, in a white top and flowing grey mini skirt and heels that made her look stunning.
Anthony smiled to himself, opened the door and walked in. The blonde girl in the grey skirt turned to look at him and his heart froze in his chest. It was the same blonde girl from the lingerie shop the day before. For a moment he hope she might not recognize him but from the surprised look on her face he knew she had.
As the introductions were made Anthony could feel his face burning red with embarrassment and he was sure the blonde girl, whose name was Sally, was looking at him with a twinkle in his eye. A short while later two more female workers arrived too.
Before he had a chance to pull her aside to try and plead her keeping his secret Sally went into Mrs Trent's office to speak with her. A few minutes later Sally came out and told him that Mrs Trent wanted to speak to him.
As Anthony went into her office he saw Sally going over to the other girls with a big smile on her face. He closed the door and shuddered.
Mrs Trent was sitting at her desk. She smiled up at him.
"Welcome on your first day," she said. "Have you met the girls?"
"Er yes," Anthony said.
"All ready to get started are you?" Mrs Trent said.
"Yes," Anthony said wondering what she wanted.
"Good. Now I'll get right to point because I'm busy today," Mrs Trent said in a very business-like way but Anthony thought he could see a smirk playing on her lips. "When I first interviewed you I explained about the dress code here and I see that you have worn a suit as I asked. However, I prefer my girls to wear something a little more feminine. After all, we are an all-women's office."
"Okay," Anthony said. He had a bad feeling about this.
"I understand from Sally that you like wearing panties," Mrs Trent said.
It wasn't a question and there was no point in denying it.
"Yes," Anthony squeaked and he felt his face burning again.
"Are you wearing panties now?" Mrs Trent said.
"Yes, I am," Anthony managed to say but he wished the floor would swallow him.
"Well in that case there is no reason why you should wear women's suits on top of them. Starting from tomorrow you will work in feminine attire only. If you want to travel in men's clothes that is up to you but you will change as soon as you are here and work as one of the girls. Is that clear?"
"Yes," Anthony said.
"That will be all," Mrs Trent said and waved him out of the office.
Mrs Trent lays down the rules for feminine attireAs Anthony left the office he found all the other girls sitting round waiting for him. They pretended to be working but he could see them glancing at him and giggling throughout the day. But that was nothing compared to the giggles he got the next day when he arrived for work as Mrs Trent had demanded and she kept calling him 'Tina'...


Sissy Chrissie said...

I want to work in THAT office!

Marie-Christine said...

Oh yes, working there could be a dream come true. I would love to wear nice skirt suits for you, Mrs Trent!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a nice place to work at. I want to work for you, Mrs. Trent.

Sveta said...

A fine office