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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Forced feminization at work

Two secretaries force fem their boss

The girls decide on feminization
As soon as Mark saw Angela arrive he headed over to greet her. As office manager he felt it important to welcome his subordinates each morning. Angela was wearing a tight black satin skirt and he took the opportunity to slide his hand over her bottom as she walked past. Angela jumped and gave him a dirty look but Mark just winked and smiled at her.  Then Angela slapped him hard across the face.

Mark was so stunned that for a moment couldn't speak. His cheek was stinging but it was the surprise of what had just happened that shocked him more than anything else.
"How dare you! he shouted, but Angela just folded her arms and glared back at him.
"How dare you grope my butt," she shouted back.
"I don't know what you mean," Mark said, but he knew just what she meant. Still, he was her boss, and he could always deny it.
"You just touched me up," Angela said.
"I did nothing of the sort," Mark said, full of confidence.
"Actually, you did and I've got the video to prove it," said a voice from the small office kitchen area.
 It was Sarah, the other office secretary and she was holding up her mobile phone. She must have seen it all and been ready to record it. Mark felt an icy chill spread over his heart.
Sarah smiled sweetly at him and came over to join Angela. Mark looked at the two woman his mind racing. There had to be a way out of this. Before he could speak Sarah slapped him across the other cheek.
"That's for touching me up all the time too," she said and gave him another sweet smile.
There was no denying it. As the office manager Mark had absolute authority over the two girls and he knew they feared him. He never missed an opportunity to brush up against them, touch them, or find any other way to let his hands wander over their bodies. Both girls were younger than him and he enjoyed using his position of power to take advantage of them. But he never thought it would lead to this.
"Look, if I've been inappropriate then I apologize but let's just put this behind us," he tried.
"Forget it creep," Angela snarled. "You aren't talking your way out of this one. We are going straight to the work commission and getting you fired."
Mark panicked. He had worked hard to get where he was, he didn't want to lose it all.
"Please, I'm sorry, I'll do anything to make it up to you," he said.
Angela was convinced but then Sarah pulled her aside to have a private word in the kitchen. Five minutes later they came back.
"We need to think about your punishment," Sarah said. "If you do as you are told we will hold off reporting you."
"Of course, I understand, anything at all. I'll do it."
"Anything," Sarah said with a raised eyebrow. "Oh good."
For the rest of the day they didn't mention it again and  Mark began to think that maybe they wouldn't go through with their threat.
Lunch time came and Sarah and Angela left together as they usually did. They didn't come back for nearly two hours. Mark would usually tell them off for taking too long but today he decided not to mention it.
The forced feminization begins

When the girls came back they had several bags with them. They marched into Mark's office without knocking and announced their punishment.
 "We are going to feminize you," Sarah announced as though it was the most natural thing in the world.
"You've got to be kidding," Mark retorted.
"I told you we were wasting our time," Angela said to Sarah. "Let's just report him and get it over and done with."
"No, please, I'll do it," Mark said. The words were out before he had even though about what it really meant.
"Oh good," Sarah said and handed him one of the bags. "There is a bra and a pair panties in here. Put them on and put on the nylons too to cover up your horrible hairy legs."
She held up another bag.
"This has a some clothes for you to wear and there is a wig in that bag over there," she said.
Mark looked into her eyes to see if she was kidding but she wasn't.
Without waiting for his response the girls walked out.
"You have ten minutes so get to it," Angela snarled.
Mark was quacking as he opened the bags. The panties were white lacy boyshorts and the bra was a matching design. He spent five minutes trying to think of a way out of the mess but nothing came to mind. Reluctantly he pulled on the feminine underwear and then found the nylons. He finally managed to get them on after nearly tearing them several times and then turned his attention to the bag of clothes. Inside was tight grey top and a short tight minskirt. There was also a pair of black pumps. Mark was nearly sobbing as he pulled on the clothes. They felt so different, so restrictive and very revealing. He felt how exposed his legs were and how vulnerable he felt. He put on the wig and then went and sat at his desk. He tried to think about work but all he could think of was whether or not the girls would check to see if he really had put on the clothes. He didn't have to wait long.
They make him feel like a girl
"Time's up," Sarah shouted from outside the office. "Let's have a look at you."
Mark got up and walked to his door. He shook his head in disbelief at what he was about to do. Could he really open the door and face the girls dressed as he was? He had no choice and he knew it. He opened the door and stepped outside. 
Sarah and Angela were waiting for him, arms crossed and a stern look on their faces. The took one look at him and burst out laughing. Mark felt his face flush as the girls tried to talk to him between their gasps.
"Oh my goodness," Sarah laughed. "Just look at you. This is better than I expected."
"He really does look very cute," Angela added.
The girls humiliate Mark
The girls then came over and inspected him while he stood still, his face burning with shame. Angela noticed his red cheeks and suggested some make-up to help him look even better. 
When they had finished applying blusher and lipstick to his face the girls stood back and inspected him. They had managed to compose themselves a little and were ready to deliver the rest of his punishment. 
"First of all, you will remain feminized for the rest of the day," Sarah said. "And secondly you will do exactly as we tell you to do. And thirdly you will call us 'Miss', understood?"
"Yes," Mark replied. He had no strength or will to try and face off these two woman when he was dressed as a girl.
"Yes what?" snarled Angela.
"Yes miss," Mark said meekly.
"Good," Angela said. "Now you go and sit on the desk over there, I want to get a look up your skirt the way you always look up ours."
Mark had never felt so ashamed as he headed over to the desk and sat on it with his legs tightly together. The girls quickly instructed him to move around a bit and soon they had what they wanted; a good look up his skirt.
"Oooh, cute panties Mark," Sarah said, "are they comfy?"
"Yes miss," Mark said his eyes cast down.
"Now," Angela said, "fetch me a file from the bottom of the filing cabinet."
At first Mark didn't understand why Angela would ask him to do something so simple. However he quickly discovered that with the tight skirt he couldn't bend down far enough to open the cabinet. There was nothing for it, he would have to get on his hands and knees. As he did so he was acutely aware that his bottom was up in the air in full view of the girls.
"Check out the tush on Mark," shrieked Sarah. "That's quite a booty girly-boy."
The girls admire the force feminization victim
"I think I'm gonna get me some of that booty," Angela said. And then to Mark's horror, just as he was about to slide out a file Angela came over and slapped him hard on the butt. Mark had never felt so humiliated in his life. He was close to tears.
When he stood up and faced the girls they just laughed at him. 
"How does it feel Baby, how does it feel to be used," Angela asked.
"It feels bad, Miss," Mark said. And he meant it.
"Well, run along and do some work," Sarah said. Mark need no second bidding he quickly walked to his office but as he walked past the women Sarah gave him a quick pinch on the bottom. He jumped involuntarily and both girls roared with laughter.

The feminization continues

For Mark it was the longest day of his life. Sarah and Angela kept calling him to do things for them that usually involved him bending over or crawling around on all fours. It never seemed to end, but when it was finally time to go home the girls let him change back into his male clothes. If Mark thought that was the end of his ordeal he was in for a terrifying surprise. As they left Sarah told him he would have to dress the same the next day too.
"But you can find your own panties to wear," she said.
"And we will check to see that you really are wearing panties," Angela added.
And they did, every day for two weeks until Mark finally noticed that Sarah's mobile phone didn't have a camera in it.


Linda Marie Daniels said...

I love this story. A really excellent story and great pictures. The little twist at the end was great fun. 4 stars for this one!

Anonymous said...

Mark hires well

Girly said...

Amazing story!

miko-chan said...

that's my boy name!