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Friday, February 13, 2009

Crossdressing; Happliy married

A CD husband is a wife's best friend
A Crossdressing husband is a wife's best friend"What do you think of this, Sweetie?" Anna asked.
Jeff turned from the table to look at his wife who had come in from the bedroom. She was wearing a black net lacy top with matching mid-calf slip, sheer pantyhose, a matching pair of panties and no bra
"I love it! You look gorgeous like that dear," he replied and he meant it. "But if you go out like that I think you might be a little too cold."
"I know," laughed Anna, "but look who's talking. That dress you are wearing doesn't leave much to the imagination you little minx. Come and help me choose a dress. After all I don't want my tranny husband getting all the attention."

Jeff loved his wife and she loved him in return. She was the sexiest woman he had ever met and two years into their marriage he still felt that way. When they had first met the chemistry was immediate but it took him many months until he could tell her about his crossdressing fetish. To his relief Anna had not only accepted him but was even quite excited at the idea.
"You could be the perfect husband," she had joked. "A man who understands what a girl wants and what a girl needs."
Their marriage soon followed and Anna did everything she could to help feminize Jeff, teaching him all about finding the correct lingerie, coordinating his colors, what looked best for his figure, and how to walk in heels. Ever since they had lived together more as two girlfriends than husband and wife. Jeff's life was a one long dream of beautiful lingerie, waxing, feminine attire, and girly evenings out. Under Anna's careful tuition he had no trouble 'passing' in public and enjoyed going out together on shopping adventures, clubbing, or just a stroll in the park.
Today they were heading for the opera. Anna was in the mood for something black, a perfect contrast to her husband's choice. Jeff had chosen a sating evening dress with white pantyhose, and white satin bikini briefs. Jeff stood up and followed his wife to the bedroom. As he helped her go through a collection of sexy cocktail dresses he found himself once again asking himself whether life could get any better than this?


bobcum54 said...

If only, great story

Alexia said...

If only all wifes could be this understanding.