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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Caught with consequences; All wrapped up in Mandy's clothes

Trying on Mandy's clothes at work didn't work out as planned.
Crossdressing caught with consequencesAlex arrived an hour early for work and his hands shook with excitement as he let himself in. He had barely slept all night in anticipation of the treat he was about to enjoy. The art dealership was silent and empty as he knew it would be and he headed to the office at the back where he sat with his boss and Mandy.It was eight in the morning and he had an hour before Many would arrive for work.
Mandy, the new secretary who had been working at the dealership for only a month. Mandy, the young, sexy, bubbly girl who had brought so much laughter and light with her to the stuffy office. Mandy, whose high-heels clicked musically on the floorboards replacing the steady thumps of stern straight-faced Mrs Baxter when she had finally decided to stop working after 20 years dedicated service in her long gray or black skirts and starched shirts. Mandy, whose skirts never came below her knee and whose legs were perfect in every way. Mandy, who wore pants so tight that she could only be wearing a thong panty underneath or surely her panty-line would show. Mandy, whose perfume made the air in the office sweet and who made everyone smile with her feminine charm. Mandy, who had mesmerized Alex every since she arrived with her stylish clothes that could range from business suit to girlish flirt from one day to the next. Alex adored the way Mandy dressed as only a transvestite can and he craved to chat with her about fashion, and clothes and where to shop. However, still very much in the closet, he could only watch from a distance. Until this morning when he would finally get to wear one of Mandy's wonderful outfits.
The night before Mandy intended to go straight out from work to a function and so she had brought clothes with her to change into. She was a party girl with boundless energy and when the office was quiet she would often tell Alex about her escapades. Alex had never met any of her friends but he would have loved to meet the girls that danced on the bars with Alex, flirted with the world, and never missed an opportunity for fun. During the day before she had worn a delightful green jacket and matching short green tartan skirt that made her look more like a schoolgirl than her actual mid-twenties. She had finished off the outfit with nude pantyhose and cream heels. At the end of the day she had slipped into the toilet and emerged ten minutes later in a black fitted party-dress that barely covered her very rounded bottom. With black pantyhose and 5-inch heels she looked every inch a woman and Alex had nearly spilt his coffee in his lap as she stalked across the room.
"I'll just leave my things here till tomorrow," she said stuffing her day clothes into a bag that she thrust under her desk. With a final goodbye she ran out.
Alex couldn't believe his luck. His boss was still there and would be staying late but Alex would open the office the following morning as he always did. It was too good an opportunity to miss. That night he carefully shaved his legs and chest in preparation. In the morning he pulled on a pair of his favorite white cotton panties and a white lacy bra that was as near to what he knew Mandy wore as he had seen from the glimpses he occasionally got when she wore white shirts. Grabbing his blonde wig and hiding it in his bag he left for work.
He arrived at work an hour early and after letting himself in he almost ran for Mandy's desk. With shaking hands he pulled out her skirt, blouse, jacket, hose and shoes. Then he noticed that her make-up kit was in the bag too and he quickly and expertly applied lipstick, foundation, blusher, and eyeliner in the bathroom room. Then he headed back and after stripping to his undies, began to redress in Mandy's clothes. He began with the nylons, taking his time to carefully roll them up his legs so that they wouldn't run. He quivered as the soft material slid up his smooth legs and he reminded himself that Mandy had worn them only hours before. he pulled on her cream blouse and buttoned it up and then slid on the tartan skirt. Finally, he put on the jacket, her shoes his blonde wig, then clicked his way to the bathroom to check his appearance. He was thrilled with the results and by perching Mandy's glasses on his nose he felt he actually looked quite a bit like her. He returned to the office and moved around walking to and fro, making himself a coffee, listening to the sound of his heels on the floor. He sat in Mandy's chair and played with the phone and then walked around some more, enjoying the feeling of her skirt as it swayed over his thighs. He sat on her table and mimicked the way she smoothed out her pantyhose as she often did when she talked to him.
"I don't know if I should laugh or scream," Mandy said and Alex snapped out of his reverie. In a glance he took it all in; the clock on the wall that showed five minutes past nine, Mandy standing in the open door dressed in a tight black cotton top, short black pencil skirt, black tights and black boots, and the shocked but bemused look on her face.
"Wearing my clothes and my shoes!' Mandy continued and her voice was stern. "You've got some explaining to do haven't you?"
Alex's heart was pounding as he tried to think of something to say but his mind was a blank. He couldn't imagine what Mandy would do but by the smirk on her face he knew that she was already getting some outrageous ideas that her friends would love...

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