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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Transgender; A dream job

Working as a dancing girl was everything he had ever dreamed of
Kelly's new transgendered lifeFor Kevin the long years or struggle had finally paid off. He always knew he was a TG woman and had worked hard at feminizing every aspect of his life, from the way he dressed to the way he behaved. He had kept his fem side hidden for as long as he could but once he began the hormone treatment the changes in his physical appearance added to his confidence. His hips began to swell as did his chest. His skin softened and with his long hair he looked more like the woman he was with each passing day. At last it was time. He left his job at the post office and began a new life as Kelly in a new town. Luck was with him and within a week of arriving he landed a dream job as a dancing girl with a local troupe. He told the other girls in the team his past and they immediately accepted him as one of their own. Now as Kelly prepared to begin her first public performance she couldn't help but smile. She loved the crushed velvet costume and the way it fit her new body. Judging by the admiring looks she was getting from the crowd she looked as good as she felt. Living as a woman was everything she had expected and so much more.

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