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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forced feminization; A lingerie fetish leads to an embarrasing afternoon

Forced to wear lingerie as a punishment
Forced feminizaton captioned imageAs he climbed over the divider that separated his balcony from the apartment next door Steve carefully checked that there was no one else around. His neighbor Heather wore some of the sexiest lingerie had had ever seen and for the past few months he had been sneaking across to her balcony where she hung out her clothes to dry. There he would take each panty and bar in turn, feeling the soft, smooth material, running his hands over them and holding them to his face so that he could smell the fresh scent of clean laundry. He delighted in knowing exactly what underwear Heather wore. Heather was a blonde girl in her late twenties and worked as a lawyer in a big law firm. It had been quite a thrill to discover that Heather wore stockings instead of pantyhose and knowing that just made her look even sexier in her business suits. Steve loved the thought that he knew such intimate details about this beautiful young woman. Every day he would watch her leave the building in her smart suits and imagine to himself which particular pair of panties she might have on under her mid-calf length fitted skirt, or how lacy might be the bra she wore under her white blouse.
Having navigated the divider Steve was delighted to see that today there was quite a haul. A beautiful set of a white matching lacy bra and tanga style panties hung on her laundry rack. There were also several pairs of cotton panties in bright colors and patterns as well as some of Heather's thigh-high stockings.
Steve lost no time in getting to the panties. He pulled them off the line and held them in front of him to get a better look. He felt the back panel and imagined Heather's shapely round bottom filling the material. He raised the panties to his face and inhaled losing himself the freshness and softness of the lacy material. As he lowered the panties he found himself looking at Heather who was staring at him from other other side of the balcony glass door. She had a determined look on her face and clearly meant business. She raised one hand and with her finger motioned to him that he should come inside then turned and went to sit in an armchair.
Steve found the balcony door was open and stepped into the apartment.
"You are quite a little panty boy aren't you? Heather said but it was more of a statement than a question. She pointed to the top of the book shelf where Steve saw to his horror a webcam pointing straight on to the balcony.
"I've had a feeling you were up to no good with my undies and now I have it on video," she said. "You pervert. You'll do time for this."
"Please don't call the police," Steve pleaded, " please don't I'm really sorry, it won't happen again, I'll do anything."
"Anything?" Heather said, and there was a tone in her voice that Steve didn't like the sound of. "We'll see about that. Since you clearly like women's underwear you had better put them on."
"I, I, I mean," spluttered Steve, " Look I'm really sorry, let's just try and put this behind us."
"In fact, you had better shave your body first, head to toe," continued Heather ignoring him. "You'll find a razor in the bathroom. Or should I just call the police?"
Steve knew he had no choice. He headed for the bathroom where he found a razor and got to work shaving his body in the shower. It took him nearly an hour but by the time he was finished he was smooth and hairless.
While he was in the shower Heather had laid out the bra and panties by the sink. He pulled on the panties and was surprised at the how they felt. Next he put on the bra which he had some trouble with having never worn one before.
"Well, let's have a look at you," demanded an impatient Heather.
In the bathroom, Steve blushed a bright red. He was about to parade around in front of young woman dressed only in bra and panties. ccTaking a deep breath he walked out of the shower room and Heather exploded into laughter as she snapped some pictures with a digital camera.
"My just look at you," she teased and then pointed to a pair of stockings and white high-heel shoes on the sofa. "Put those on, you obviously like my stockings and I can't wait to see you in heels."
Steve sat on the sofa and rolled on the stockings. As the smooth nylons slid along his leg he was amazed at how good they felt. He stood up to put on the heels he realized that the thrill of putting on the stockings had caused a noticeable change at the front of his panties.
"I see you enjoy being a sissy crossdresser," Heather said pointing at his embarrassing bulge. "Since you like it so much you can stay that way while you wash my dishes. Run along, and mind you do them well. And don't take too long, because after that you will clean the floor."
As he tottered over to the sink in the heels with Heather snapping pictures all the time Steve adjusted the bra that was a little to tight and already leaving marks on his shoulders. To make matters worse he was acutely aware that the tanga panties were riding up at the back...

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