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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crossdressing; Made up for an evening of fun

Putting on a pretty face for the fun of it
Michael stepped out of the shower and carefully rubbed skin lotion into his skin. He had shaved his entire body while in the shower and now his skin was smooth and silky, just like a girl's should be.
He went to his lingerie draw an pulled out a matching set of black lacy satin panties and bra. He pulled the panties over his smooth legs and felt a thrill as slipped on to encase his masculinity. He expertly put on the bra and put silicone enhancers into the cups to give himself a shapely chest.
Putting on his dressing gown he headed back to the bathroom.
He opened up his make-up bag and began to apply his 'warpaint'. In just an hour he would head town and he wanted to look his crossdressing best. He would spend hours walking the streets mixing with crowds, enjoying the feeling of being a gorgeous woman. And no one would know that underneath it all he was really a tranny.
He plucked his eyebrows into a feminine arch and curled his applied mascara until his eyelashes were long, thick, and curled. Next came the eye-shadow to make his perfectly framed and enchanting. He smoothed foundation over his face and lightly blushed his cheeks. Lastly came the lipstick, his favorite, a deep red that made his lips full, sexy, and sensuous.
Satisfied with the results he headed back to his room where the all black skin-tight lycra bodysuit and leather mini-skirt waited on his bed. Paired with sheer stockings and calf-length boots he was going to look sexy beyond words...

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Jenni said...

A dream come true..