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Monday, February 09, 2009

Feminization; Made into a little girl

A new little sister for Sonia
Feminized by his girlfriend for wearing her pantiesIt hadn't taken more than hour to transform Tommy. Sonia had walked into her bedroom and found her boyfriend Tommy wearing her panties. After the initial shock had passed she sprang into action with remarkable determination. Either Tommy did as she said or she would let the whole world know.
"No wonder you've always kept your hair so long. You're a little panty-sissy," she said. "Well, 've always wanted a kid sister and now I've got one."
After a quick shower she shaved every inch of Tommy's body and then dug out the frilliest, girly clothes she could find. She found a short frilly off-the-shoulder dress with matching frilly thigh-high stockings. Tommy even had to pull on a pair of white cotton panties with a bow at the front that matched the two she put in his hair.
When Tommy protested she cut him short.
"Since you clearly want to be a girl you will have to start your feminization from the beginning. Every little girl has to wear clothes like these are you are no exception."


bobcum54 said...

fantastic I wish it could happen to me

Anonymous said...

i wish someone would feminize me