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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Crossdressing; Tricked into more than he bargained for

The show must go on and a crossdressing husband is just the what the girls need
Tricked into crossdressing in public
George became one of the girls.
Titillating TG CaptionsGeorge nearly fainted with shame.
When his wife talked him into going to a costume party at a night-club she suggested they both dress as a chorus-girls. At first he refused outright but then Sally had shown him the costume, with plumes of feathers, sexy figure-hugging bodice, satin elbow gloves, and matching nylons and high heels. Torn between seeing his wife dressed in such a sexy outfit and the sheer embarrassment of wearing such a feminine costume he eventually agreed but only because he assumed that no one they knew would be there. He even agreed to shave his body, at Sally's insistence, so that the costume would look 'just right'.
As they entered the club he discovered to his horror that some of the women from his wife's book club were there wearing identical costumes.
"Didn't I tell you, I got the idea from a book we are reading," Sally said with a wicked grin.
"I'm can't go in there," George gasped. "I'm going home."
"Don't be silly," Sally replied. "You look perfectly adorable in those pantyhose and you have such good legs."
George was about to turn and run but before he could his wife called out to the other girls.
"Hi Debbie, Lynn, here is my husband George. As I told you he will be joining us on stage tonight."
"What!" squeaked George.
"Yes dear, the book is all about a group of four chorus girls and we thought it would be fun to try and get the feeling of dancing on stage. But only three of us were able to come tonight so you have to make up the numbers."
"My, you are a pretty girl aren't you?" Debbie said as George blushed bright red.
"You never told me George was such a diva", giggled Lynn.
All three girls burst out laughing and before he could make a move hustled him into the dark club and towards the stage. It was only once he was inside that George noticed that there were only women in club.
"That's right," Sally explained when George asked about this. "The book is about dancers in an all-girls club."
As the girls made their way to the front of the room the crowd roared and whistled their approval, with George getting most of the attention...


michael simcock said...

sounds good

whyguys said...

Sally is one incredibly thoughtful Woman!

In this day and age where Females are realizing the Their emotional and sexual needs in relationships REALLY cannot be filled by the pathetic abilities of males, Sally has at least introduced 'Georgianna" into a role where at least he may 'ENTERTAIN' and 'AMUSE' the Superior Sex.

Also, this experience was likely a wonderful way for Sally to inform her soon to be permanently feminized lovely little ex-husband that Debbie shall be moving into his previous position in Sally's Master Bedroom.

Georgianna, of course, shall stay on in the newly constructed maid's quarters, being given the magnanimous opportunity of serving the two Women, privy to witness the joy Sally and Debbie share in Their eternally Sublime Sapphic Union...

What such consideration could or SHOULD a mere male expect more?

[Wow... not to mention he's even getting free room, board and a clothing (fashion subject to Sally and Debbie's approval, of course) and cosmetics allowance!]

goo goo said...

Hott girl stories , goo