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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Crossdressing; Judy discovers her husband's online activites

A virtual crossdresser joins the real world
Crossdressing onlineAs he walked into the computer den Alex's heart fell. Judy, his wife, was sitting at the computer and she had clearly just found his archive of transvestite, crossdressing, and transgendered images.
"So you like wearing my pretty panties under your suit at work do you?" she scorned. "I see you enjoy wearing nylons too."
It was worse than he had thought. She had gone through his e-mails and discovered his online persona 'Alexia'. Alexia, the floozy who told his online sissy friends how he enjoyed wearing sexy underwear and pantyhose; Alexia who had told how he 'borrowed' his wife's underthings because they made him feel like the girl he always wanted to be; Alexia, who feminized himself with his wife's lingerie whenever he was home alone; Alexia who envied his wife's sexy legs and the stockings that she wore.
"Well then my little 'Alexia', from now on you can wear the panties and I'll be wearing the pants in this household," Judy said. "And you can start by taking off that suit you are wearing right now. Come on girly, let's see what you've got on today."

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marena meier said...

I tried to get my wife recognize my girlish attitude by leaving my stockings on the desk but she refused - so what should I do?
Love M