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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Showing his wife his feminity

A husband comes out to his wife
TG captions, crossdressing for his wifeWhen Greg first told his wife Jill about his crossdressing he wasn't sure how she would take it. To his surprise she didn't get angry at all but rather demanded that he show her just what he looked like when he dressed before she made a decision.
At first Greg suggested putting on a dress but Jill had other ideas.
"You always said you liked seeing me in sexy underwear, so let's see you in some," she said. "You can wear those danties you bought me for my birthday"...
Greg spent the whole evening getting ready. He shaved and smoothed his skin, and then found the lingerie set which was a black lacy high-leg thong with matching bra. By now Greg was getting into his femme mood and he applied make-up and even some of Jill's jewelry.
He pulled on the panties and fastened the bra over some breast fillers . As he put on a pair of his wife's heeled shoes he wondered what would be her reaction when she saw him.
"Well, let's be having you," Jill called from the hall outside the bedroom.
Greg considered putting on his wife's chemise but instead he just decided to brave and it and sheepishly stepped into the doorway.
"Oh my, just look at you," said Jill with a mixture of laughter and surprise on her face. She never thought her transgendered husband would look that good. She eyed him up and down. "Not bad at all, but you should really be wearing stockings with that lingerie set."
TG captions, crossdressing for his wifeRelieved at her reaction, Greg hurried back into the bedroom and quickly rolled some black sheer stockings up his legs and returned to his wife.
"Do a twirl, I want to see you," she said. "What a sexy babe you are. And that thong looks like it fits you just fine. I think we'll keep you dressed like this all the time now..."


jimbo said...

wish it was my wife

Anonymous said...

Wish I was him