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Monday, March 02, 2009

Picked up by girls and transformed for life

The girls give a him a night he can't remember
TG captions, transformed into a beautiful girlThe girls began flirting with him as soon as he entered the bar. The blonde in the red cocktail dress and long legs clad in black nylons caught his eye as he headed for the bar and he was sure that her brunette friend had winked at him. The two woman were attracting the admiring looks of every guy in the room but they seemed to have eyes only for him. As he took his drink and looked for place the sit in the crowded bar the blonde girl raised her eyebrows at him and the brunette giggled. He took a deep breath and headed over.
"Hi," he said and gave them his most winning smile.

The blonde's name was Vicky, her friend was Kathy and she wore a black shoulderless dress that clung to her body but barely covered her legs. They laughed a lot and touched his arm and he flirted as the drinks flowed. They invited him back to their place for 'a night that like no other he had ever had'. He couldn't have refused even if he wanted to.
Their apartment was modern, tidy, and feminine smells were everywhere. They had some more drinks on the couch, one on other side of him, Kathy with her head on his shoulder and Vicky with her hand at the top of his thigh. The smell of their perfume was intoxicating and the room was swirling as Vicky turned his face towards hers with her warm soft hand and looked deep into his eyes with her emerald green stare.
"Time for bed Sweetie," Kathy said and Vicky giggled knowingly.
Then they both stood before him and allowed their dresses to slip to the floor revealing the sexiest lingerie he had ever seen. Kathy wore a black sating bra and panties, Vicky a white lace teddy.
"That's my baby," Kathy purred and the room swirled.
The following morning he woke in his own bed. Although his head was still dizzy he had no hang over. His body was tingling all over and felt heavy in places but light as a feather in others. Strange, but he had never felt better. Although he could hardly focus his eyes he noticed with some amusement that he appeared to be wearing Kathy's teddy from the night before. It must have been one hell of night with those two he thought although he couldn't remember anything after he had passed out. He staggered out of bed and headed for the bathroom to wash his face. As he raised his now clear eyes to look in the mirror it was Vicky staring back at him...

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the power of a woman....