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Monday, March 02, 2009

Dressed as a girl to avoid a boy

Pleasantly crossdressed to escape an unpleasant encounter
Tricked into crossrdressingAt first it had seemed like a bad idea but now Barry was beginning to have hope. Kathy's ex-boyfriend Bret was infuriated when she recently dumped him for Barry and now he was roaming the college campus looking to give Barry a pounding. Kathy and Barry were due to go to the cinema that evening with Kathy's best friend Sharon and she had reported that Bret was staking out the girls' dorm building to ambush Barry as they left. Sharon suggested they disguise Barry by crossdressing him as girl.
"No way," Barry said when he first heard the idea but to his surprise Kathy seemed quite keen.
"I think that is a great idea," she said. "After all, you have a slim figure and the legs for it."
Barry tried to protest but the girls paid no attention and began pulling off his clothes. He tried to resist but having to cute girls undress him was just too much fun. Little did he know that they meant to take the project quite seriously. Kathy took him into the shower and shaved him all over, then found him a dressing gown to wear.
"We need to do something about your hair," mused Sharon and the girls set to work with some rollers turning Barry's blonde hair into a mass of curls.
As he waited for the curlers to take effect Kathy left the bathroom to look for some underwear for him.
"Here, these should do," she said with a giggle and handing him a pair of full-cut white satin briefs. "They should hold 'everything' in place."
She helped him into a matching white bra and then went back to the bedroom to help sharon find him something to wear.
Barry pulled on the panties and was surprised at the silky smooth feeling they had against his shaved thighs and bottom. Kathy came back with some stockings for him to put on.
"Is this really necessary?" he asked secretly thinking that the stockings would be a lot of fun to try.
"Of course," Kathy said, "all the girls wear stockings these days and you have to look the part."
Barry pulled on the stocking and was pleased to find they felt every bit as good as he thought they would. They also made his legs look even more feminine.
As he admired himself in the mirror he turned to see both Kathy and Sharon watching him from the door. He blushed bright red.
"I think he likes them," Kathy said. "I told you he was a bit of a sissyboy."
"I am not!" Barry protested but the stirrings in his loins told a different story and both girls noticed immediately.
"How cute," Sharon said looking directly at his panties and both girls burst out laughing. Sharon came over and gave him a soft peck on the cheek.
"Don't worry Sweetie, I quite like the idea of you in panties,' she said. "Oh, and by the way, that story about Bret waiting outside was just a ploy to get you into my panties. He left town two days ago..."

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so nice - love the lingerie and the text