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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Girls' magazines are for girls

If only Alan had listened to his sister and stayed away from her magazines
Transformed into a girlAlan was always trying to read his sister's monthly girls' magazine but whenever he asked to see it Caroline always replied 'It's for girls only'. If she wasn't reading them herself she kept the magazines hidden in her room out of Alan's reach. From a distance he could see pictures of girls in different outfits and colorful articles but he could never get close enough to see what they said.
Then one day as she sat reading the latest issue on the couch her phone rang and she went upstairs to answer it leaving the glossy magazine behind. Alan knew this was the best chance he was likely to get. He ran to the couch and opened the magazine...
As he opened the first page a thrill went through him. Inside there was one page after another of beautiful women in beautiful clothes, the latest fashions and pretty lingerie. There were articles about make-up and how to apply it, the best way to match colors of outfits and what shoes to wear with different skirts. Although he didn't understand much of it and couldn't see the point to any of it the more he read the more involved he became and couldn't tear himself away.
The sound of Caroline's voice brought he back to the here and now.
"So, you just couldn't listen to my warnings, could you?" she said with a smirk on her face.
"Ha, there's nothing so special about these magazines, it's just girl stuff," Alan replied smirking himself at having gotten one over his sister.
"Really? Just girls' stuff is it? Then how do you explain your current appearance," Caroline said and now she was laughing at him.
Alan looked down. His jeans and shirt were gone and he was wearing a short black cocktail dress just like the one on page 12 of the magazine. His legs were smooth and supple and on his feet were a pair of black high-heeled sandals instead of his old sneakers. As he lay on the couch he suddenly realized that his chest felt very different and long blonde hair hung from his head down to his shoulders.
"What's happened to me!" he cried and his voice was sweet and girly.
"I told you the magazines are only for girls," Caroline said. "And that means that one way or another only girls can read them."
"Change me back!" pleaded Alan. "Please, I can't stay like this."
"I can't do that, those magazines are very powerful," Caroline explained. "You'll have to find a guys' magazine that is strong enough to change you back. In the meantime we'll just call you Alice."
But Alan had never heard of a guys' magazine that could change a girl into a boy. With each minute that past he was finding it harder and harder to even remember the names of guys' magazines. In fact, it seemed much more important to Alice the she check her make-up was just like the article on page 43....

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muiredachau said...

I wish that happened to me growing up