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Thursday, March 05, 2009

An antique purchase worth every penny

Helen's purchase proved to be more of a success than she could have imagined
Transformed into a womanWhen Mike's wife came home with the statue he told his wife Helen that it would have been better if it had stayed buried in the ground. Helen was an amateur antiques dealer and felt she had an eye for a bargain. She had found the statue at a junk shop in the city and bought it immediately when she heard the price that was offered.
"Of course is was cheap," groaned Mike, "it's as ugly as ugly can be. Some ancient tribe probably buried it deliberately."
But Helen liked the elegance of the goddess statue and she was beginning to get annoyed with her husband's constant jibes at her taste in art.
"Anyway, I am going out to the mall, I'll be back later," she said admiring the statute.
"As long as you don't come home with any more junk, that's all," Mike retorted.
"I think she is beautiful," she said as she ran her hands over the figure. "If only you were a woman you would understand."
And with that she left for the mall...
Little did she know that the statue was a powerful Goddess icon and any woman that was touching it would have unlimited power over men who would immediately obey her every wish both whether they liked it or not.
Two hours later Helen came home after a disappointing trip to the mall. The pants she had wanted to buy were sold out and she hadn't found any others that she liked. She let herself in and was astounded to a gorgeous brunette standing in her living room. and wearing her favorite chemise and matching panties. The woman looked vaguely familiar and Helen and asked her who she was.
"It's me, Mike," purred the woman. "I don't know what happened but just as you let this morning I felt very dizzy. I went upstairs to take a rest and by the time I got there I could think of nothing else but shaving my body and feminizing myself. That's why I put these on, I just love the idea of wearing beautiful lingerie and I don't want to wear anything else. It makes me feel so attractive. "
"My goodness, it was the statue," gasped Helen. "My wish came true".
"Well make me stop, I can't go to work like this!" Mike demanded as he sashayed around the room fussing with his hair.
"Hmm," mused Helen, as she fingered the statue. She was beginning to get some ideas. "First, I want you to make me a cup of coffee and then tidy our room."
Mike's eyes glazed over.
"Yes, as you say," he said and headed for the kitchen...

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