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Monday, March 09, 2009

Caught in his sister's dress

Tony's venture into his sister's wardrobe didn't end as planned
Crossdressing, wearing his sister's dressTony wasted no time when he heard his sister Nicole leave the house. There was no one else in and he had the place to himself for a few hours. He immediately ran to his room, tore off his clothes and headed for his sister's bedroom. For a long time he had craved to know how it would feel to drape himself in the soft material of her clothes, to feel a skirt swish across his hips, to prance in heels. He so envied her for the clothes that she wore and the fun that she had. He had prepared for this moment for weeks, shaving his legs and body and growing his hair. Now at last the moment had come and his heart beat fast as he pushed open the door to her room and stepped inside.
First he headed for her underwear drawer. The top drawer of her closet held her bras in many colors, from bright pink to black, deep aqua green with lacy frills and plain white cotton. He carefully selected a blue satin bra and with trembling fingers finally managed to fasten it around his chest. The next drawer down was stuffed with panties in very possible color and design. Fall cotton briefs with flowery patterns and stripes, lacy bikini and high-leg panties in satin and, his favorite, some sexy thongs. He pulled on a black satin thong and arranged himself so that it felt comfortable.
After admiring himself in the mirror he headed for the dress rack and selected his favorite dress from his sister's collection, the light dress with the floral pattern. He pulled on the dress and his head swam at how light and feminine it felt.
He stepped into some high-heeled white sandals and went downstairs to the living room where he walked up and down, swinging his hips as he had seen his sister and her friends do. He put on some music and danced as the girls did as parties, imagining himself to be the queen of the night. He sat in armchair and crossed and uncrossed his legs, enjoying the way his thighs slid over each other and under the smooth material of the dress.
"Time for a change of clothes," he thought to himself.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" shrieked Nicole.
Tony whipped his head around and saw Nicole standing in the doorway with her friends Judy and Simone. They must have just come in and he didn't hear them above the music.
"Looks like his wearing your party dress," giggled Judy.
"I can see that!" Nicole said. "What are you doing?"
"I, I, er, I," fumbled Tony and his cheeks burned with embarrassment.
"It looks like your brother is a bit of a sissyboy," Judy remarked.
"Ppplease don't tell anyone," Tony stammered.
But it was too late. Nicole and Judy were already taking a pictures with their mobile phones...


Anonymous said...

It's no wonder they're taking photos of him, he's an absolute diva! He'll be a huge hit with all the guys tomorrow, no question. >_0

crossdresser72 said...

lol i wear my sister party dress alot she never cot me