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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dressed for the job

Crossdressing to get a job
Crossdressing for a jobAlex was beginning to doubt the wisdom of his plan. He desperately needed a job and when he saw the ad for a receptionist at a local accounting office he called for further details. The firm's director made it quite clear that they were looking for a female workers only as the all of their current employees were women. Alex was desperate so he took a bold move, applied for the job and dressed en femme for the interview. With the help of a local beautician he looked the part and the interview with the company director and her two senior employees seemed to go quite well. As he waited outside the director's office he tried to remember all of the tips the beautician had given him about how to cross his legs and walk in heels. If he could just keep it up for a few months he could look for other work.
"Alexis, please come in," the director called from her office.
Alex stood up, took a deep breath and walked back into the office.
The three women looked at him as he sat down and Andrea, the director spoke.
"Well, Alexis, we've decided to accept you for the position," she said. "Mind you, we will expect you to dress as woman all the time. We've never had a transgendered woman working here before, but we have no objections."
Alex, now Alexis, considered his options. He wanted to explain that he wasn't transgendered just crossdressing for the job but he needed to pay the rent. And after, all he was beginning to enjoy the way his feminine clothes felt against his body.
"Thank you," she said. "When can I start?"


Anonymous said...

I must apply to that local accounting office, I really must.

Great caption!

Marie-Christine said...

I would love to work there too.