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Friday, March 20, 2009

A wife arranges for her husband's improvement

Eileen was very satisfied with the results of Jack's hypnosis treatment
Transgendered by hypnosis into a blondeWhen Eileen received a phone call from the Hypno-Girl organization telling her that her husband Jack was back home after his treatment she was still at work. It was late afternoon but even then she found waiting the final two hours until she could leave the office almost unbearable. The secretary at Hypno-Girl had told her that Jack's treatment was a huge success...
Two weeks earlier Eileen had finally had enough of her husbands messy lifestyle, and boorish behavior. An ad in her monthly women's magazine had caught her eye. The Hypno-Girl organization claimed a hypnosis service to cure all husbands of their faults and make them a perfect housemate. At first Eileen had protested that her husband would never agree to be hypnotized by the Hypno-Girl consultant was confident that wouldn't be a problem. The next day there was a ring at the doorball and Jack went to answer it. Eileen heard an exchange of words, and then just one feminine voice, talking softly but determinedly. By the time she came to the door Jack was clearly under the spell of the charming young girl on the doorstep who introduced herself as Aneka from Hypno-Girl.
Jack just stood gazing dreamily at Aneka and swaying slightly.
"Well, that was easy," Aneka said, "and don't you worry in two weeks you won't recognize him." And with that she ordered Jack to step into her car which he immediately did without protest.
During her consultancy Eileen had said she wants her husband to understand her needs and be generally compatible to her.
As she let herself in she was pleased to see Aneka waiting for her in the salon.
"Hello," Aneka said with a bright smile. "I'm here to deliver Jack and make sure you are satisfied with the results. Jack is in the bedroom slipping into something more comfortable."
Without any further ado she called Jack and told him to come and join them.
"He might be a bit shy," she said to Eileen with a wink.
Eileen didn't know what to expect and she couldn't believe her eyes when a sexy young blonde in a full-lenght lace catsuit slipped sheepishly into the room.
She stared at the woman opened mouthed and then slowly she began to recognize the facial features.
"Jack?" she asked in disbelief.
"Hello Eileen," Jack said in a bubbly voice. "I'm not sure what you've done to me but this is fun".
Aneka explained that although Jack was now fully hypnotized into a woman he was also aware of the change that had been made. He just found it irresistible. She added that the breast-implants were part of the service as was the full body wax.
After overcoming her initial shock Eileen warmed to the idea.
"Well then," she said, "I don't know what the neighbors will say about a crossdresser on the street but in the meantime we had better get rid of your male clothes."
"Great!" giggled Jack despite himself and together they headed for the bedroom.


jimbo said...

the woman he always was meant to be ...

whyguys said...

When you write Eileen said,

"I don't know what the neighbors will say about a crossdresser on the street..."

She'll likely hear all the Females on the block asking for the phone and address of HYPNO-GIRL