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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hypnotized into feminity

Jen's little joke when she hypnotized Darren didn't work as planned
TG caption, hypnotized into a little girlWhen Darren complained of insomnia his girlfriend Jen offered to hypnotize him to try and cure the problem.
Once she had caused him to fall asleep she took him back through his years until he was just a little boy. Then she decided to have some fun for a bit as well and told him that he was really a girl called Daliah.

However, once she woke Darren up she found she couldn't hypnotize him again to reverse her little joke. Ever since then Daliah had be sleeping like a baby and enjoying her new girly life. Under Jen's careful control Darren had become an adorable little girl that enjoyed playing with dolls and doing as she was told. Crossdressing Darren as Daliah was more fun than she expected and she enjoyed buying him the prettiest clothes. The only problem was that occasionally Daliah would still try and suck her thumb...


bobcum54 said...

if only in real life

Anonymous said...

How was sucking her thumb a "problem"?