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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Transformation; Sorority magic

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Andrew quickly learned that the sorority hall was not a place for males.
Andrew had been teasing his girlfriend about what it was that she and her friends got up to at their sorority meetings but she told him she was sworn to secrecy.
Unable to contain his curiosity he snuck into the building afternoon when there was no one around...

No sooner had he entered the main hall filled with statues of Goddesses and mystical symbols then he felt a searing pain, a violent whirlwind, and then he passed out. When he came to he found that feminine magic present in the hall had worked on him too and he was now a gorgeous sexy blonde. His skin was smooth as silk, his hair long and soft, his chest spectacular. His clothes had vanished and all could find was a camisole to wear that was far to skimpy to walk down the street in, He would have to wait until the other girls came back decided his fate. Perhaps they would even turn him back into a boy although as each minute passed he was enjoying the new sensations of his body more...

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Anonymous said...

What and where is this sorority? I want to sneak in too!!!!!!