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Friday, January 06, 2012

Christmas elf

TG Captions: Crosdressing as an elf
TG Captions: Jim found work crossdressing as an elf
Jim shifted his position and tried to get comfortable. Outside the display window in the street a few shoppers were looking in on him and smiling. He felt ridiculous dressed as he was in a sexy little greeen elf outfit complete with hat and stockings. Some tourists took photographs of him. He tried to shift again. His skirt was so short that it barely covered his bottom and he could feel some of the fake snow from the display digging into his cheeks. This was all Sarah's fault.
When he couldn't play the rent again his room mate Sarah had threatened to throw him out. Jim was desperate but he just couldn't seem to find work.
"It's easy for you to tell me to find a job," he complained to Sarah, " if a girl wants a job she just has to put on something sexy and look pretty."
For a moment Sarah said nothing then a wicked grin came over her face.
"The big department store in town is looking for staff to be in their holiday displays," she said. "My friend Michelle is in charge of the displays and we can get you a job there."
"I'm not sitting in some shop window dressed as Santa," Jim snorted.
"Oh, don't worry, they aren't looking for Santas," Sarah said as she reached went to her room to call Michelle.

For the next ten minutes Jim could hear a conversation going in which Sarah seemed to be trying to convince Michelle to take him on. He could see what was so funny about it but Sarah was laughing the whole time. Finally she came back and said that Michelle would be over later to see if he was 'suitable'.
Jim just snorted at her and continued watching tv. About an hour later Michelle arrived and when she saw Jim she had a good giggle with Sarah. Jim was beginning to get annoyed but he told Michelle that he was interested in a job.
"Good, we are looking for people and I see that Sarah was quite right in thinking you might be good for the job. You will need to wear a costume and I have it here."
Michelle opened a bag she had brought with her and pulled out a skimpy little elf outfit that could only be worn by a girl.
"Is that supposed to be a joke," Jim said.
"You seemed to think it was fine for a girl to dress like this to earn her keep so you can do it too."
"I'm not wearing that!"
Jim held up the mini skirt in front of him.
"This is ridiculous," he said.
"In that case Jim I want you to move out at the beginning of next week," Sarah told him and he could see she meant it.
 He looked from one girl to the other trying to decide what to do.
"We'll help you get ready," Michelle said cheerfully and took him by the hand to lead him to the bathroom. "First we need to get rid of all that ugly man hair and make you smooth and sweet."
Jim felt his resolve weaken. After all, he had nowhere else to go.
The girls worked on him for two hours straight, waxing his body, plucking his eyebrows and applying his make up. They chatted happily amongst themselves without even bothering to ask Jim if he agreed with anything that they were doing. He was rather enjoying the attention of the two young ladies and let them get on with it. However, when Michelle held up the green panties he needed to wear for the outfit he began to have second thought. He just couldn't bring himself to do it.
Sarah was in no mood to play games. She held the panties up in front of him with one hand an pointed to the front door with the other.
"Your choice," she said sternly.
Jim knew he was beaten. He took the panties and slid them up his smooth legs surprised at how soft and comfortable they were.
"I think our little elf likes his panties,"Michelle said and patted him on the bottom. Now for the rest of it."
Jim put on the rest of the outfit and when he looked in the mirror he was amazed as to how cute and sexy he looked. With the blonde wig and fake breasts that Michelle had brought him he looked just like a girl.
"You see, it's easy. All you have to is sit on a box and look cute. Let's go."
"You mean now?"
"Yes, you can do the evening shift if we hurry you'll be just in time."
Things were moving to fast for Jim to keep up with and before he knew it he was sitting in a display window next to a fake snowman and trying his best to look like an elf. He was terrified that someone he knew might come by and see him and he was very embarrassed at the way the passersby were looking at him. He tried to stare off into the distance and pretend he didn't notice but he couldn't help notice the seedy-looking middle aged man who kept coming past the window and looking in on him. Jim tried to adjust his skirt but no matter how much he pulled it down he was sure his panties were showing. The men pulled out his mobile phone and pretended to be checking something on it but Jim was sure he was taking a picture up his skirt. Jim sighed. He had been there for an hour already and there were only another five to go...


Hrdknight said...

Great story! At least Jim made a very cute elf. Very nice work on this one.

Josie T-girl said...

Wonderful cap. Me, I'd love being the elf all day (and night) long.

Joanna said...

Love it, thank you!