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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy with his panties

Stanley loved his presents
Stanley sighed contentedly as he lay on the bed. Just a few short weeks ago he had confessed to his wife Becky his desire to experience being a woman. She had told him she would think about it and he for days he had no clue as to what she would decide. Then Christmas morning came and he opened the presence Becky had bought him; a set of razors to shave his body with, several pairs of girls' underwear, a chemise, pink socks, and very cute and lacy bra. Stanley lay on the bed enjoying the sensation of the pink socks on his feet and the delicate lacy pink panties he was wearing that were riding up his bottom. He reached down and gently tugged the soft material from his behind and let them snap back into place. Yes, he thought to himself, this was going to be a good year...


Joanna said...

Sweet, thank you.

I actually check back here quite often but I'm still pretty poor at commenting.

Tami said...

Can you please put the captions back to selectable months like before it would make it easy to look at older ones
p.s. pictures a bit big
so if had posted this before i am not sure

Rose said...

What a wonderful caption!

Anonymous said...

Some guys have all the luck in the world! What I would give to be in this situation!!!!!