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Monday, January 09, 2012

A first taste as a woman

His first kiss as a woman
TG Captions: His first kiss was memorable
It all happened in a flash. Ben had been at the club all night dressed as his alter ego Beth. He danced and flirted and seduced, enjoying every delicious moment of being the sexiest-looking woman in the room. One moment he had been the queen of the floor, driving men wild with desire and women wild with envy and then he felt hands hold his head and tilt his face up. The next moment his lips were crushed under a kiss, passionate and overwhelming, smudging his lipstick, then it was gone. Ben staggered back to the side of the dance floor, his mind spinning and his emotions racing. He reached up to wipe his mouth but even as he did so he had to admit that it felt good, better than he could have imagined. Ben ran his fingers over his lips and he knew he wanted more...

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Josie T-girl said...

Oh my, yes! Being kissed by a man does feel good. As do many other things a man can do with us gurls.