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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

TG Captions Quickie: What he asked for

TG Captions Quickie
Men couldn't look Eric in the eye anymore
Eric was dumbfounded as he felt his body change. It shrank and swelled, straightened and curved, lifted and sagged in an impossible way. Even his clothes felt different. He had asked the gypsy for a spell that would give him confidence and power over other men. He told her he wanted to stare down any man so that no man would ever be able to meet his eye.  He brought a hand up to his face and felt the his silky smooth cheek. He could feel the long hair on his shoulders and knew she given him something much more powerful than he had asked for. He looked down at the spectacular chest straining at the bra he was wearing and knew he his wish had come true; no man would ever look him in the eye again...

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Hrdknight said...

Love all your work but this one is a classic. Text book case of be carefull what you wish for. Great cap!