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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Unaware of what the girls have done

Andrew was hypnotized into wearing a dress
Andrew sat in the chair while the three girls surveyed their work. He was wearing a short flowery dress with black pantyhose and heels. His hair had been styled to look like a girl's and with the make up they had applied he really did look quite passable. Michelle his girlfriend and her two friends Linda and Maxine looked down at him giggling amongst themselves.
"So he has no idea he has been hypnotized," Michelle asked.
"None whatsoever, Maxine replied happily. "He doesn't know where he is and he certainly doesn't know what he is wearing."
The girls all snickered at this.

"I think it is about time we woke up this cheating boyfriend of yours Michelle" Linda suggested and the other two agreed.
Linda spoke to Andrew directly.
"Linda says Andrew wake up," she ordered him.
Andrew's eyes opened and he blinked up at the girls around him. He didn't remember how he got into the chair and it seemed quite a long time ago since he arrived at Michelle's apartment. Also he didn't remember Linda and Maxine arriving but someone was speaking to him.
"Hi Andrew," Linda said. "That's a pretty dress you are wearing."
Andrew seemed confused by this. He looked down at his dress but seemed unsure of what he was looking at.
The girls had a good giggle at this.
"Anyway, I found out that you have been seeing your ex again," Michelle said. "You are a two-timing cheat and I want nothing more to do with you."
Andrew seemed a little surprised at this but then his usually cocky self took over.
"Fine," he said. "Have it your way."
The girls exchanged a happy look with each other.
"Oh Andrew, I think you should walk to town now, and wait outside the mall for your date to arrive," Maxine said with a grin.
Andrew scowled at her annoyed that she was ordering him around.
"I'll do what I please," he said.
"But Linda says Andrew go to town, wait outside the mall for your date to arrive," Linda said.
The effect on Andrew was immediate. He stood up without another word and walked out the door and down the street with the girls following him all the time. He could hear them whispering behind him but couldn't make out what they were saying. He quickly went to the mall and waited outside for his date although try as he might he couldn't remember who that date was.
The girls watched him in hysterics from the car park. Andrew looked just like a pretty young girl waiting for a date to arrive who was not going to show.
"That'll teach him," Linda said.
"But Linda, you can't just leave him like that," Michelle protested.
"That's okay, we'll come back in the morning and see if he is still there..."


Linda Marie Daniels said...

Nice caption!

Steffi said...

Adorable pic, and nice story :)


Alison said...

Love the picture.

whyguys said...

Oh, Michelle and Linda had even MORE amusement three weeks later when Andrew's ex showed up with HER EXCEPTIONALLY SUBMISSIVE and FEMININE GIRLFRIEND ANDREA.

It seems Andy's ex LOVED the opportunity to keep the previously 'macho' jerk in tow as Her completely obedient and humiliated girl-lover and serving maid.