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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Medical check up

TG Captions
Melvin tried to resist the hormone treatment
Melvin hesitated when the nurse called out 'next'. It was his turn to go into the examination room and though he had done this many times before he still found it so degrading. He had been sent for 'corrective tutoring' for his constant misbehavior and to his horror he discovered that meant feminizing him to calm him down and make him more submissive. At first he had tried to resist the training refusing to participate or follow instructions especially when it came to wearing girls' clothes. However, he was no match for the program. He was soon prescribed hormone treatment to remove his aggression and make him accept his feminine role.
Despite himself he began to see things from a more feminine point of view and gradually became more comfortable with being a girl. He knew it was the hormones that were wearing him down but try as he might he couldn't resist their effect. He quickly found himself enjoying the softer things in life and preferred dressing in skirts and dresses. He no longer cried when forced to wear panties and even had his favorites that he enjoyed wearing most. However, there were regular check-ups by the doctor to see how the hormone treatment was working and it was these check-ups that he found some humiliating. They were a constant reminder of how he had been changed and yet could still not be trusted to be a good girl.
He sighed and walked into the doctor's office. He was wearing a pink top and denim mini-skirt that he had chosen himself. He shuddered to think how far the feminization had already gone. The doctor on duty was Anna and she was very busy today. Anna always wore a very short white lab coat and had perfect legs. Once upon a time Melvin would have found her attractive and sexy but now he just felt jealous of her feminine appeal. Anna was brisk and to the point with him. She checked his temperature and pulse, his blood pressure and eyes. Then came the moment Melvin was dreading most.
Forced feminization
The doctor wanted to give him the injection in his bottom
"Skirt up please," Anna ordered him.
Melvin felt the tears welling up in his eyes.
"I think I'm okay now, I don't need another shot," he tried but Anna was not prepared to argue.
 She grabbed hold of him and turned him around reaching for his short denim skirt. With expert skill she pulled up the skirt and moved aside his white cotton panties.
"Please Anna," Melvin said. "Please don't."
Anna jabbed a syringe into his bottom and pushed down the plunger, pumping more powerful hormones into his body.
Melvin sagged in defeat. There was nothing to be done now. The hormones would start working immediately and before long he would feel more of his masculinity drift away....

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