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Monday, December 05, 2011

The girls notice his whale-tail

Jeremy's thong gave him a whale-tail the girls enjoyed
The girls enjoyed Jeremy's whale-tail
It was just a moment, a quick flash, but that was all it took. Jeremy was hanging out with Stacy, Jill and Kate and enjoying the female company. They were trying to sort through some old boxes that Jill wanted to clear and Jeremy had offered to help. He loved spending time with the girls as it made him feel one of the crowd. Jeremy was kneeling on the floor and he leaned forward to reach into one of the boxes. A few moments later he became aware that the happy girly chatter behind him had suddenly ended. Then it started again just as quickly as the girls continued talking. Yet something was different. The conversation wasn't flowing as it had done.
He looked round at his friends and they all beamed at him happily. Jeremy smiled back, and continued sorting through the pile of things he had just taken from the box but Jill stopped him and asked him to pass her something from another box further away. Jeremy obliged and as he leaned over to reach the box again the chatter stopped. He though he heard a giggle but when he looked back the girls just smiled and carried on talking as though everything was just fine. This continued on with each of the girls asking him to pass them something and always the change in conversation as he did. Then they started talking about saving the whale and how beautiful it was to see a whale-tail. By now the three girls were clearly laughing at something but they wouldn't tell him what.
Instead Kate changed the subject.
"I've been thinking about buying some new lingerie," she said.
Jeremy's ears pricked up. This was his kind of conversation. He loved wearing girls' panties and he loved talking about them.
"What are you thinking of buying?" he asked.
"I think I need some new undies," Kate answered him.
"I just bought some very pretty new panties the other day," Jill told them. "Some thongs."
"Oh I love wearing thongs, they make me feel so sexy," Kate, told her.
"Oh me too," Stacy agreed. "Jeremy could you pass me that bag over there?"
Jeremy had been enjoying the conversation enormously and he quickly obliged. As he leaned over to get the bag he heard the girls giggle again. And then in a flash he realized why. Each time he leaned over his top rode up, his jean slipped down, and the zebra-pattern thong panties he was wearing were on show to the girls. Jeremy grabbed the bag and passed it to Stacy while trying to pull down the top. The last thing he wanted was for the girls to know he liked wearing panties. He tried to act innocent but for the rest of the afternoon the girls would talk about nothing else except panties and thongs in particular. Jeremy could feel his face burning with shame but he didn't know what to say so he pretended everything was just fine. At last the boxes were sorted and he could make an excuse to leave. The girls all thanked him for being there.
"You are very cute," Jill told him and then to his horror she reach under his top and snapped the waistband of his thong. "Very cute indeed."
He could take no more. Jeremy bolted for the door as the girls burst out laughing and then cheered him on his way. The next day Stacy asked if he wanted to come lingerie shopping with them but he couldn't decide if she was just teasing him...


Anonymous said...

I love how the girls acted like horny boys hinting they can see his thong...nice role reversal that added humiliation and flavor to the story.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... perfect! Always a day I'm afraid of! :)