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Friday, December 02, 2011

Caught wearing her clothes

Sammie was furious with David for wearing her clothes
David was having a good time enjoying the best that his girlfriend Sammie's closet could offer. He had the afternoon to himself at her place and he was soon wearing a pair of her soft cotton panties and a bra. He slipped on a floral top a pair of her jeans then padded into the kitchen to make himself a herbal tea. David had been wearing Sammie's clothes for nearly two months on and off and she still didn't suspect a thing. He was just filling the kettle with water when he heard the front door slam shut. Sammie was home early.
"Hi, I'm back!" she shouted. "The meeting was a no show so I came home."
David was desperate but there was no escape. Perhaps if he hid she would go to her room and he could somehow escape. He dived down on to the floor behind the kitchen counter as Sammie came in.
"Where are you?" she called out. David lay silent on the floor but Sammie was already coming around the counter. She shrieked when she saw him.
"What are you doing down there and why are you wearing my clothes?" she shouted.
David was caught red-handed

From down on the floor David had never been so terrified as he looked up at his girlfriend. She was wearing a tight top and black leggings, a look he found particularly sexy.
"I'm, I'm I," he tried but words failed him.
"I don't understand," she said to him. You've got some explaining to do."
David had no choice. He began by telling Sammie about how he would wear his sister's panties when he was younger, told her about his constant cross-dressing, even confessed to wearing her undies in the past.
"I think you are trying to tell me something," she said when he had finished. "And that something is that you are a sissy-boy."
With his cheeks burning David had to agree. For a few moments Sammie said nothing but just looked at her shame-faced boyfriend. Although she was angry she couldn't help feel sorry for him. At last she reached out and gave him a hug.
"Well, if you are going to tell me all of this then I at least want to see you in panties," she smirked.
David couldn't tell if she was making fun of him or not but he had no choice other than to start taking off her top and jeans.
"This will be fun," she said eagerly as his clothes came off. And it was, when Sammie saw him the little pale blue cotton panties with a bow on the front she couldn't help laughing at him.
"Silly boy," she pretended to scold him. "We'll get you some panties of your own in the future..."


Plastic_life said...

I really like your Caught captions, thanks for putting more up! :)


Anonymous said...

the best! The teasing and humiliation. Caught captions.