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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Consequences of reading TG Captions

His wife doesn't accept him reading TG Captions
Lionel was out every night dressed to thrill
Once upon a time Lionel had everything. A good job, a house, a wife, a future to look forward to. Then his wife caught him reading TG Captions on the Internet. At first she let him off with a warning but Lionel couldn't stop fantasizing about being a woman. When his wife caught him trying on her underwear it was more than she could take. She threw him out and took everything from him. With his reputation ruined he couldn't find a job anywhere and finally he had to try and make ends meet the only way he could. Every night he would be out on the streets in the red light district and Lynn, as he now called himself, was soon making more than had ever made before.

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